All Access Student Memberships

Our memberships make it easy to get more recreation and fitness into your budget and busy life. No enrollment fee!

We offer a variety of membership types and pricing options to help you customize your visits based on amenities and frequency that best suits your needs. All memberships grant Town-wide access, unless otherwise specified.

A membership (Adult memberships only) can be purchased through your Recreation Account. Youth and student memberships must be purchased in person, at a Recreation facility. A parent/guardian must be present for any membership purchase for individuals 17 years and under.

If you do not have a Recreation Account, please visit My Recreation Account. For other memberships, please contact our customer service team at a Recreation Facility or call 905-584-2272 x7327.

You can review our membership options below with our Memberships Comparison and Information Guide:

Memberships Comparison and Information Guide



Memberships Comparison and Information Guide
Membership Cancellations and Holds
Membership Cancellations
The Town of Caledon permits prorated cancellation/withdrawals only on annual memberships. If:
  • The member is relocating to a residence outside of the Town of Caledon (proof of relocation is required).
  • A medical reason with a note from a medical doctor. A withdrawal fee will be applied except for medical reasons.  

No withdrawals are permitted within the first sixty days of an annual (12-month) membership.

Membership Holds
All annual memberships (12-month) are eligible to receive a one-time hold or extension. Memberships may be suspended for not less than one (1) month and no more than six (6) months over the term of the contract. Requests are to be submitted in writing with two (2) weeks' notice. The Town reserves the right to modify these dates based on actual activity on the card. No holds are permitted on one (1) month and three (3) month memberships. 
Youth Orientations 

Participants aged 17 years and younger must be directly supervised by a parent/guardian 18 years of age or older; unless they have had a previous (Youth) Fieldhouse Orientation.

A Youth Orientation Request form and Get Active Questionnaire must be completed prior to the youth orientation. These forms must be completed by the youth and parent/legal guardian at Southfields Community Centre, Caledon Centre for Recreation & Wellness or Caledon East Community Complex.