Water and Wastewater

Water and wastewater services in Caledon are provided by the Region of Peel. The Town, on the other hand, is responsible for storm water management. This includes catch basins, culverts and ditches.

Catch basins

Catch basins catch or stop matter from going into the sewer system. You can find catch basins along the edges of roadways or ditches. Storm water is directed through a steel grate into a catch basin. The water then goes to the sewer system. This system runs into our lakes, streams and rivers. Heavier particles get collected in the bottom of catch basins. This stops the matter from getting into the water supply. We vacuum clean catch basins every one to two years.


A culvert is a tunnel carrying water (through a stream or open drain) under a road. Contact us if you need to build an access or entrance to a property or if the culvert at the entrance to your property needs maintenance if, say, it is plugged with debris, it is caved in, or it is frozen (which can cause flooding).

Please note that there are fees for installing a new culvert. For more information please see our Fees By-law.


Roadside ditches drain water from the road. They sometimes also drain water from nearby properties, though that is not their primary purpose. Ditches carry collected water to an outlet. In winter, snow often collects in ditches after snow clearing. In spring and summer, ditches may have standing water in them. If you are concerned about mosquito breeding (i.e., West Nile Virus), contact Peel Public Health.

Storm water management

We have storm water management ponds to treat and manage the quantity and quality of storm water runoff in communities. Water levels can fluctuate quickly, so these ponds cannot be used for recreational use. This includes no swimming, wading, skating, boating or fishing any time of year.