According to the Town's 2017 corporate emissions inventory, energy consumed in Town facilities represent the largest source of the Corporation's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  Learn what the Town is doing to reduce its energy consumption below:

Corporate Greenhouse Gas Reduction Framework (2019-2024)

The Corporate Greenhouse Gas Reduction Framework is a five-year strategy outlining actions the Town is working towards to reduce GHG emissions from corporate operations by 24% below 2017 levels. This strategy aims to reduce GHG emissions emitted by buildings, fleet, water and waste, with the following targets:

  • Facilities:  15% reduction in energy consumption below 2017 levels by 2024 in Town-owned buildings
  • Fleet: 30% reduction from the Town's vehicle fleet emissions below 2017 levels by 2024
  • Waste: Divert 30% of waste generated in Town buildings from going to landfill compared to 2017 rates by 2024
  • Water: Conserve 6% of water consumed in facilitied and parks by 2024 compared to 2017 levels

This strategy builds on past successes associated with implementing the Town's Corporate Energy Management Plan (2014-2019), including achieving a 12.6% energy reduction below 2012 levels by 2018, implementing an estimated 140 energy conservation measures and establishing a Corporate Energy Revolving Fund. 

Corporate Energy Management Plan (2014-2019)

The purpose of the Corporate Energy Management Plan (CEMP) was to promote energy saving and efficiency in Town facilities. The CEMP had an energy reduction target of 9% below 2012 levels by 2019. As of 2018, the Town exceeded this target, realizing an estimated 12.6% energy reduction below the 2012 baseline year. 

Contact us to request a copy of the CEMP (2014-2019). 

Annual Energy Consumption Reporting

The Electricity Act, 1998, Ontario Regulation 507/18 requires that we report our Town facility energy use and associated GHG emissions data. We submit this to the Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines by June 1, annually:

2017 O. Reg 507/18 Energy Reporting

2016 O. Reg 507/18 Energy Reporting

2015 O. Reg 507/18 Energy Reporting

2014 O. Reg 507/18 Energy Reporting

2013 O. Reg 507/18 Energy Reporting

2012 O. Reg 507/18 Energy Reporting

Corporate Energy Team

We have a Corporate Energy Team to ensure that we meet the goals of the Corporate Greenhouse Gas Reduction Framework. Facility operations managers and staff participate on this team, to help save energy and reduce GHG emissions from buildings operations.

Renewable energy projects

We have five renewable energy projects including three ground-mounted micro Feed-in Tariff (micro FIT) solar projects, a solar wall at Mayfield Recreation Complex and a ground source heat pump system at the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) facility in Caledon East, which was certified Gold in Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED).

Energy revolving fund

The Corporate Energy Team manages the Town's Corporate Energy Revolving Fund. Our three Town-owned solar sites, energy savings from projects implemented and energy incentives received help to grow the fund. The fund is used to pay for energy retrofit projects with a payback period of 10 years or less. Cost savings from the projects are diverted back into the fund until the project is paid back in full, with 25% of the savings being diverted to help grow and sustain the fund.

Corporate Green Building Standard

The Corporate Green Building Standard (2012) requires that all new Town facilities or major renovations, 10,000 square feet or larger, achieve LEED silver certification.

Awards received

We have won several awards for our energy-saving efforts, including:

  • saveONenergy Energy Innovation Award for Municipality University School Hospital (MUSH) (2019)
  • Mayfield Recreation Complex Within 5% of the Energy Conservation Potential Award (2018)
  • Ontario Recreation Facilities Association (ORFA) Inc. Don Harrison Energy Champion Award (2018, 2015)
  • Mayor's Megawatt Challenge
  • Civic Action Race to Reduce Greater Than 20% Reduction Award (2015)
  • Town Hall 10% Energy Savings Milestone Award (2015)
  • Caledon Centre for Recreation and Wellness 10% Energy Savings Milestone Award (2015)

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