Heritage Conservation Districts

The Town of Caledon has one Heritage Conservation District (HCD) in the Village of Bolton. We are working on a second Heritage Conservation District in Alton. A Heritage Conservation District designation includes buildings, streets, landscapes and views within a specific area.

By designating a Heritage Conservation District, a municipality can manage and guide future change to preserve the identity of a heritage community as outlined in Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act.

Heritage property grant

If your home or business is located within a Heritage Conservation District, you may be eligible for a heritage property grant.

The Village of Bolton HCD

The Village of Bolton Heritage Conservation District is Caledon's first Heritage Conservation District. The area contains approximately 400 properties. Bolton was settled between 1819 and 1823 and the main commercial core still reflects many of the original buildings from that time. The street layout has also maintained its original integrity and hosts a wide variety of residences from the mid- to late-Victorian era.

Bolton Heritage Conservation District map
Is your property in the Bolton Heritage Conservation District? View the Bolton Heritage Conservation District map.
Bolton Heritage Conservation District Plan

The goal of the Bolton Heritage Conservation District Plan is to conserve our cultural heritage so that future generations will have a physical connection to their past. The Plan includes policies and guidelines regarding:

  • heritage permits,
  • managing change
  • allowing property alterations
  • new construction, and
  • demolitions

Alton HCD Study

 Project background and study area

The Town of Caledon has initiated a heritage conservation district study for the Village of Alton under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act. The study area includes the historic core of the village and some adjacent areas, as shown below.

The Town has retained the consultant team of MHBC Planning, George Robb Architect and Wendy Shearer Landscape Architect to undertake this project.