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Re-opening Frequently Asked Questions 

Be sure to read these important details before pre-registering for your pool activity.

 Frequently Asked Questions
 What pool programs are currently running?

The following swims are being offered, with options varying at each facility:

  1. Adapted swim
  2. Lane swim
  3. Parent and Child swim
  4. Recreation swim

Check out the schedule for current offerings and swim descriptions.

These swims must be pre-booked online and each patron attending must be registered individually to follow guidelines from public health officials.

All swims will operate at reduced capacity and controlled traffic flow to maintain physical distance.


Update: Due to recent Stage 2 restrictions, Aquafit classes are suspended to November 7th. 

Have pool admission standards changed?

No, our admission standards that indicated the supervision requirements of children remain the same.

Swim Admission Standards apply to all swims. 

 What safety measures are being implemented?

Our priority continues to be the health and safety of our participants and staff. These are some of the measures we are implementing with our programs:

  • Mask requirement until you are ready to enter the water and immediately after you exit
  • Social distancing measures including directional signage
  • Pre-booking protocols limiting swim capacities and cash handling 
  • Increased cleaning of common touch points and equipment
  • Limited access to building amenities 
When and how can I register for a drop-in activity?
Registration for all drop-in activities is available 72 hours prior to the start time.  All registrations must be completed online by visiting our Drop-in Activities page or by calling (905) 584-2272 ext. 7327.
Can I walk in and come for a swim?

Pre-registration through your recreation account is required for all drop in activities.

Residents who do not have access to technology or are unable to register online can contact us Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and we will be happy to help.

What can I expect on my first visit?

You can expect to go through mandatory screening to enter the facility and to follow specific entry and exit paths. Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your swim time. 

Please shower and change at home and arrive ready for your swim. Change rooms are only available for use after your swim. You will be asked to bring your belongings on the pool deck and store them in a bin as directed (one bin per family).

 Are masks required?

Face coverings are required in all public spaces in accordance with Town of Caledon By-law 2020-47. They can be removed just before entering the pool and are to be put back on immediately after exiting the water.

Are change rooms available?

Yes, change rooms will be available for use after your swim. All swimmers must arrive “swim-ready” to limit the volume of people in the change rooms.

Showers and lockers are not available at this time. You must bring all belongings on the pool deck and place them in the clean bins provided.

Can I use the water fountains?
Water fountains are closed. Please bring your own water bottle as water filling stations are available.
Can I bring my own equipment (i.e. flutter board)

Patrons are encouraged to bring their own equipment and toys and, if possible, your own life jackets. If you are unable to provide your own, we have limited life jackets available for use. No other Town equipment or toys will be available.

The use of snorkels, large inflatables and throwing toys are prohibited at this time. Lifeguards reserve the right to prohibit any items that may present a safety concern.

Why is there no group entry fee?
A group entry fee does not allow us to accurately track gathering size or individual information for contact tracing, therefore, each participant must register and pay individually.
 Are you offering swimming lessons and leadership programs?

Swimming lessons and leadership are coming soon! Registration opens September 29, 2020 at 8 a.m.  For current offerings, please visit Program Registration


Please see the below reference guide for swim level offerings – in an effort to maintain social distancing and a lower bather load in the pools, the following will be offered for Fall 2020.


Note: for those levels requiring parent /guardian support, it will be mandatory.


 Parent and Tot 1-3

Requires parent/guardian support in the water to assist.

Available in group lessons with reduced capacity and enhanced safety measures.

 Preschool 1-5

Requires parent/guardian support in the water to assist. 

Available in Private and Low Ratio lessons.

 Swimmer 1-3

Requires parent/guardian support in the water to assist.

Available in Private and Low Ratio lessons.

 Swimmer 4-6
Available in Private and Low Ratio lessons.
 Swimmer 7-9
Available in group lessons with reduced capacity and enhanced safety measures.
 Available in private lessons only.
 Leadership Courses
 Available in group lessons with reduced capacity and enhanced safety measures. 

Only select programs and services are currently available. Remaining programs will resume based on direction from public health officials and when deemed safe to do so.  Online pre-registration is required for all programs and drop-in services. 

 Drop-In Programs
The Town of Caledon offers a variety of drop-in activities including aquafitness classes, parent and child swims, fitness swims and recreational swims.  
 Swimming Lessons
The Town of Caledon is pleased to provide the Learn to Swim program offered by the Lifesaving Society. Lessons are available for all ages, from newborns (parent and tot) to seniors (adult) and everything in between. Lessons are available in private, low-ratio or group format. Whether you are new to swimming or a seasoned veteran we have a program that will keep you swimming for years to come. 
 Leadership and First Aid

When you are ready for the next step in your aquatic development we offer a variety of leadership programs to help you reach your full potential. Through the Lifesaving Society’s Bronze Program, National Lifeguard and First-aid programs you can start your journey to become a lifeguard. If you are more interested in teaching, we offer a number of instructor courses from swimming to aqua fitness.

View our leadership and training opportunities

Are you on your way to becoming an Instructor or Lifeguard and would like to volunteer with us? View our volunteer opportunities.

Are you a qualified Instructor or Lifeguard? View our current job opportunities.

Admission Standards


Age Parent/Guardian Supervision Ratio
Under 5 years Regardless of swimming ability - *Accompanied 2:1
6 - 9 years Unable to pass facility swim test - *Accompanied


(4:1 If all children are in lifejackets)

6 - 9 years  Able to pass facility swim test  Must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at least fourteen (14) years of age that maintains visual contact and remains within the pool viewing area at all times.
10+ years  Regardless of swimming ability  Parent/Guardian supervision not required. 

*Accompanied: Must be directly supervised by a parent/guardian at least fourteen (14) years of age, who is in the water wearing bathing attire, within arms’ reach, and able to render immediate assistance. 

Facility Swim Test

To successfully pass the facility swim test individuals must: 

  • Wim on their front for 15 metres with the ability to put their face in the water and take at least one (1) breath without putting their feet on the bottom of the pool. 
  • Tread water for one (1) minute.

The recreation swim admission standard applies to all recreational swims. Aquatics staff may ask for a demonstration of swimming ability if they feel there is a question of safety. 

 Ward 1 Swimming Reimbursement Program

Residents of Ward 1 can be reimbursed the non-resident cost of swimming lessons in Orangeville.

Ward 1 residents may apply once a year for the difference between the Town of Orangeville's Non-Resident rate and the comparable Town of Caledon Resident Rate per program.

Residents must complete a Swim Program Reimbursement Application and submit it (by email) to the Parks and Recreation Department before December 1.  Contact us for a copy of the Swim Program Reimbursement Application form.

Original receipts must be attached to the form for each program taken in Orangeville.