Foster Volunteer Program

The Animal Services Foster Program helps animals that are not yet ready for adoption by placing them in the temporary care of approved volunteer caretakers. We are currently recruiting members of the public who are committed to helping us care for the hundreds of animals coming through our doors each year.

 What is a foster program?

By volunteering as a foster parent and offering a temporary home to animals that require special care and rehabilitation, you will help to alleviate stress on the animal and ensure that we continue our commitment to provide the highest level of care for all shelter animals. You will play an important role in successfully finding loving homes for the hundreds of animals in need in our community.

 Requirements for becoming a foster parent

To become a volunteer foster parent you must:

  • be 18 years of age or older;
  • have adequate time to care for your foster animal;
  • attend an orientation session and complete online training;
  • be willing to sign a foster agreement;
  • have a separate room to isolate your foster animal if needed;
  • have access to reliable transportation; and
  • ensure that your own animals are spayed/neutered and fully vaccinated before accepting a foster. 
Foster opportunities  

Learn about the unique fostering opportunities that are available based on the individual needs of cats:  

Nursing or Pregnant Queens: 8 to 12 week commitment, monitor for signs of labour or difficulty giving birth, requires a calm and quiet environment. 

Bottle Babies: Up to 8 week commitment, orphaned kittens from birth, requires feeding every 2-3 hours around the clock. 

Young Kittens: 6 to 8 week commitment, transitioning from formula to kitten food, requires feeding every 4 to 6 hours. 

Cats With Medical Needs: Commitment depends on condition, will require daily medication, a home without other pets may be required.  

Cats Requiring Socialization: Commitment depends on animal's needs, requires extra time for handling and socialization.      

 How to become a foster parent

Step 1-Fill Out the Foster Parent Application Form 

Your application will be reviewed by our staff to help us learn about your family, household and level of experience.

Please contact Animal Services for an Application Form.

Step 2-Attend an Orientation Session and Complete Training

Staff will contact applicants to advise of upcoming sessions. All orientation sessions are held virtually online and are about 45 minutes long. During the session you will learn more about the Caledon Animal Shelter and the role of a volunteer foster parent. You can also ask staff any questions you have. After your orientation you will also need to complete online training modules.  

Step 3-Receiving a Foster Animal

If approved, you will be placed on our Foster Volunteer roster. We will notify you when a suitable foster pet becomes available. Once notified, you are required to pick up your foster pet within 1-2 days and sign a Foster Care Agreement.