Adult 55 Drop-in Programs

Town of Caledon Programs 

We offer a variety of drop-in classes and registered programs for adults over the age of 55 in Caledon. Our programs include games and activities such as pickleball, shinny and more. There is something for everyone. Explore our 55+ registered and drop-in programs and find one that interests you!

Did you know that adult 55+ specific programming/drop-in rates and adult 55+ rates for regular adult programming provide residents with a 20% discount already applied.

Community Programs 

Many community services, clubs and non-profit services offer drop-in programs and activities across Caledon. For more information please visit Adult55 Programs and Services

Did you know that adults over the age of 55 are encouraged to get 150 minutes of moderate to high intensity level of exercise a week to maintain overall health and wellness. 

The following resources are provided by the Government of Canada on healthy and active living for older adults: