Community Cat Program

What is a Community Cat?

Community cats, also known as feral cats, are unowned animals who live outdoors and are generally not socialized or friendly with people. They live full, healthy lives with their feline families in outdoor colonies.

The Caledon Community Cat Program

Animal Service will assist Colony Caretakers to ensure that feral cats are humanely trapped, altered, vaccinated, microchipped and returned to their outdoor home. Once returned, the caregiver will provide regular care for the cats. 

This is known as TNRM (trap-neuter-return-manage). Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage is a collaborative, humane and effective approach to community cats. TNRM helps to stabilize community cat populations, reduces shelter intake, saves tax-payers' dollars, helps the shelter focus on adoptions. 

Removing cats will only temporarily reduce the number in a given area as other cats will move into the available territory to take advantage of the resources that attracted the first group and continue to breed, known as the vacuum effect. TNRM provides a humane long-term solution. 


The cat colony must be located within the Town of Caledon. Colony Caretakers are required to complete an application and sign a Caretaker agreement. The Caretaker is responsible for the ongoing care and management of their colony. All applications are subject to review by Animal Services. 

How to Apply     

Please contact Caledon Animal Services for any questions about the Community Cat Program.