Public Art

Applications are now closed for the Caledon Day 50th Anniversary Community Mural


The Town of Caledon is looking to commission an artist to design and illustrate an outline of a mural for a community event mural. The artist would design and illustrate the mural as a giant paint by numbers so that anyone in the community can help paint at our Caledon Day Event on June 15th, 2024. The design of the mural is to be completed on crezon MDO board using solid black lines with closed in shapes, to ensure that members of our community can paint in sections. Approximate size of mural is 4’ x 8’. 

Artist qualifications and fee
  • Have a minimum of 1-2 years of mural production experience
  • Ability to work with groups and give instructions
  • Organize “paint by numbers” materials
  • Artists are required to “finish” the piece in the event the community does not complete the painting on Caledon Day or there are sections that need to be cleaned up after the event
  • Manage and deliver the project within the agreed upon production timelines and are available to paint on site during the production timelines
  • Preference will be given to Caledon Artists


Number of artists selected (1)


The application is open to all emerging, mid-career and established artists (18 years of age and older). 


Artist fee: $3,000


The Town of Caledon will provide all materials and work with the artist to ensure that the Town is providing appropriate set up space on Caledon Day. 

Production timeline

Submissions due: March 31st, 2024

Artists selected: April 15, 2024

Design complete: May 30, 2024

Mural outline complete: June 1, 2024


Caledon Day, Community Painting Event: June 15, 2024 *artists must be available on site that day


Finishing: August 15, 2024

Unveiling: September 2024, exact date TBD


  • Celebrate Caledon’s 50th anniversary;
  • Celebrate our community of communities coming together;
  • Must be colourful;
  • Can be abstract in nature;
  • No people’s faces;
  • Celebrating how Caledon is the best of rural and urban life; and what does it mean to live in Caledon? 
How to apply?

The application period has now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted an application.

Art in the Halls - Applications for Summer 2024 are closed. 


The Town of Caledon’s Art in the Halls program is designed to showcase original artwork from Caledon artists to the public in Recreation and Culture facilities across Caledon. These exhibition spaces provide a platform for professional and emerging artists, instructors and students in the community at large. The Town of Caledon’s Art in the Halls program operates at three (3) facilities across Caledon. Space in each facility is available to artists for a 12-week period each season. 


The theme for the opening exhibition is 50 years of Caledon


The program will accept applications on a quarterly basis for the following quarter. For example, applications will close in March for artists to display their work starting in June. 


Applications for the Summer exhibition period are due by March 31st, 2024.  The summer exhibition period will run from May 1st until August 30th.  


All artists, teams of artists or groups who reside, work, study and or teach in Caledon are eligible. Caledon artists will be given preference and local artists will be taken into consideration. 


The application submission is free of charge to all artists.


The Town asks that interested artists under the age of 18 have the permission from a parent and/or guardian to enter the submission process for the Art in the Halls Project. The Town asks that all interested applicants have their parent/guardian sign and complete the submission form attached in order to be eligible.

 Installation and program requirements:

All exhibitors are responsible for the transportation, installation and dismantling of exhibitions.

  • The installation and dismantling of exhibition will be coordinated and scheduled with staff
  • All works must be original artwork
  • All works must be ready to hang using a clip rail system. The hanging systems on all gallery walls can hold up to 20 lbs/ foot of gallery rail hanging system. All works will be displayed on adjustable vertical hanging rod systems provided by the town.
  • Artwork may be made available for sale with prices listed on the labels. The Town of Caledon is not responsible for the sale of artwork. People looking to buy art are required to contact the artists directly.
  • Artwork cannot cover any fire alarms or security features and cannot obstruct hallways from being accessible.
  • Artwork must not include any indication or evocation of an offensive, insulting or distasteful nature, including but not limited to racism, violence, aggression, sex and politics. The Town of Caledon has the right to reject any application and/or artwork without cause
  • There is no fee to submit or display the artwork. Artists are responsible for insuring their artwork.
  • The artist(s) will be responsible to pick up artwork after the program.
  • Application materials will be discarded 30 days after notification from town staff
  • All pieces are to be provided with a descriptor* approximately 6”x4” (150x100mm) with the following information:
    • Brief description of work 
    • Name of piece
    • Artist(s) name and contact information
    • Sales information
    • *the descriptor is to be affixed to the wall using non-stick materials, for example, sticky tack or museum gel
How to apply?

The application period has now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted an application.