Asset Naming and Memorial Program

The Town of Caledon has a wide network of municipally owned assets. These assets contribute to civic pride and placemaking in their reflection of the community.

The naming of assets through the Facility and Park Assets Naming Policy is a means of celebrating Caledon's culture and unique ecology. 

The memorial program serves as a commemorative tribute to honour the memory of a person and recognize community contributions.

*The memorial program is currently under review and will resume in 2024. 

Facility and Park Asset Naming

The Facility and Park Assets Naming Policy is Caledon’s commitment to ensuring asset naming is approached in an equitable and inclusive manner.

Criteria to Name, Rename, or Dedicate a Town Asset
  • Portray a strong positive image of the Town
  • Reflect the geographical location of the asset
  • Recognize the historical significance of the area
  • Reflect unique characteristics of the site, such as ecological or scenic qualities
  • Highlight activities and industries that are/were prevalent and valued in Caledon

Ineligible Criteria
  • Be perceived to be discriminatory or derogatory of race, colour, ethnic origin, gender identity or expression, sex, sexual orientation, creed, political affiliation, disability or other social factors
  • Be intended to commemorate an individual living or deceased. Visit the Memorial Program for more information.

Complete the Facility and Park Assets Naming Form to submit a new name, rename, or dedication proposal. 


Memorial Program 

Thank you for your interest in memorial opportunities within Caledon. To ensure the memorial program is accessible to all Caledon residents, the program is currently under review.

It is our intention to develop a program that acknowledges Caledon’s rich natural landscape as a backdrop for meaningful dedications and celebrations of life. A refreshed memorial program framework will be launched in January 2024.


For further information please contact