Climate Change

Resilient Caledon logo including text that says Thinking Big on Climate Change

Climate change is real, and its impacts are already being felt here in Caledon. From increasing intense storm events that result in flooding to more extreme heat days in the summer, we know Caledon’s weather will become hotter, wetter and wilder in the coming years.

Caledon’s Community Climate Change Action Plan (CCCAP)

The draft Resilient Caledon CCCAP is now closed for public comment. Thank you to those that submitted their comments and feedback! The final Resilient Caledon CCCAP is on schedule to be submitted to Council for approval in December 2020.

The draft Resilient Caledon CCAP includes actions on how we as a community can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, buildings and waste, as well as how we can better prepare for impacts like flooding, extreme heat, and ice storms.

Through Fall 2019, we heard from hundreds of residents, farmers, businesses, community groups and youth about how we can address climate change, and ensure Caledon continues to be a great place to live. This input has helped shape the draft plan, and ensures it responds to local issues that are relevant to Caledon.

Draft Resilient Caledon CCCAP Materials
  1. Review the draft Resilient Caledon CCCAP and its draft action implementation table 
  2. You can also check out this infographic summarizing the main actions
  3. Don’t have time to read the full plan? You can check out this short webinar that will walk you through each action area
Caledon residents taking action on climate change

Project timeline including when various parts of the project will be complete

Climate Change Task Force
The Climate Change Action Planning Task Force is made up of staff, agency partners, small businesses, and residents. It will help advise on the update of the Community Climate Change Action Plan.
Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCOM)
In 2017, the Town joined GCOM, an international alliance of 7,500 cities and local governments, including 24 Canadian municipalities. GCOM promotes local climate change actions to lower greenhouse gas emissions and promote a resilient society.
Climate Change Initiatives

Alongside the Resilient Caledon climate plan update, there are a number of ongoing initiatives and events that are currently supporting climate action in Caledon.

GreenBiz Caledon

The Town of Caledon has teamed up with Partners in Project Green (PPG) to pilot a new program aimed at helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint and green their operations. Businesses enrolled in the program will have access to advice and mentorship from the experts at PPG and can create a customized ‘green’ plan that works for them. Areas of focus will include energy, vehicles, water, waste, and green space. Benefits to businesses include:

  • Free two-year membership to PPG (valued at $2,500)
  • Potential cost savings in your operations
  • Employee engagement opportunities
  • Recognition for taking action on climate change
  • A chance to give back to your community

We’re looking for businesses or institutions of any size and sector, including manufacturing, retail, agriculture, food services, schools, etc. If you’re a business or institution in Caledon and interested in participating in this program, visit GreenBiz Caledon.

Caledon Climate Heroes Campaign
Leading up to the release of the Resilient Caledon climate change plan, we want to showcase residents, businesses and community groups that are acting on climate change right here in their community. Each month we’ll feature a new Climate Change Hero.

Do you know a Climate Hero in Caledon? Contact us to nominate someone and tell us how they’re making a difference in the areas of energy, transportation, food, waste or nature. They may also be profiled in the final Resilient Caledon climate plan!

Community and School Green Fund Programs
The Town provides grants to Caledon schools and community groups for environmental projects and events. Project areas can include addressing climate change, enhancing green space, improving stormwater retention, conducting public education, etc. Please see the Community Grants page link for more information and to submit an application.