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Zoom virtual court: If you have a court date booked via Zoom please use the contact information below.

CALEDON COURT 0661 (Ticket/Summons was received within Town of Caledon)
1-855-703-8985, enter meeting code 994 4526 3073# then press #

DUFFERIN COURT 0660 (Ticket/Summons was received in Orangeville, Shelburne, Mono, Melancthon, Amaranth, Mulmur, Grand Valley, East Garafraxa)
1-855-703-8985, enter meeting code 945 8759 4459# then press #

1-855-703-8985, enter meeting code 825 0024 8163# then press # 

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Pay a ticket Learn about ticket options Request a meeting with a prosecutor for early resolution

Request a trial Request disclosure Request an extension and payment plan

Check the status of a ticket Learn about parking ticket options Get answers to questions

Pay a ticket

Please note: Fines are not marked as paid until payment has been received by the Provincial Offences Office.


Accepted payment methods are VISA and MasterCard.

Pay a parking ticket Pay a traffic ticket


Accepted payment methods are VISA, MasterCard, Money Order or Cheque made payable to Town of Caledon. Mail payments to the Caledon or Orangeville court.


Accepted payment methods are VISA, MasterCard, Debit VISA/Mastercard

In person 

Accepted payment methods are VISA, MasterCard, Debit, Cash or Cheque made payable to Town of Caledon

Ticket Options

If you do not choose an option below within 30 days of receiving your ticket, you will be convicted and additional costs will be added to your fine.

Plead guilty

You can choose to plead guilty and pay your ticket.

Early resolution

You can meet with a prosecutor for possible resolution. Apply online, or check this option on your ticket, and drop it off in person or mail it to the address on your ticket.

Plea of not guilty

To enter a plea of not guilty, complete the back of the ticket or a Notice of Intention to Appear.

A Notice of Trial will be sent by mail.  If you do not receive a notice within 4 weeks, follow up with the court.

To prepare for a trial The Guide to Defendant in Provincial Offences Cases provides defendant with general information about the court process.


Meet with a prosecutor

In some cases you can talk to a prosecutor about resolving your ticket rather than go to trial. 

Request a meeting

Request a Trial

To plead not guilty please fill out the Notice of Intention form below.  Once the Notice of Intention to Appear is filed with the court, a notice will be mailed out within eight weeks.  If you have not received a notice you can check its status.

Notice of Intention to Appear

Request Disclosure

Disclosure is a copy of any evidence that the Crown and police have collected about the offence committed. 

It takes about six to eight weeks for a disclosure request to be ready. It can take longer if there is any information missing on the form or if filled out incorrectly.

File for Disclosure

Extensions and payment plans

If you don't pay your fine in time your fine goes into default, which may result in

  • Additional collection and administrative costs
  • A suspensions of your driver’s licence
  • Fine(s) being added to your property tax bill
  • Civil enforcement, which may include garnishing wages/bank accounts and or registering a lien against property and assets
  • Fine(s) being sent to a credit reporting agency 
Request an extension

If you require more time to pay your fine please contact us to apply for an extension.


Set up a payment plan
A pre-authorized monthly plan is available for outstanding fines.  When you apply, please include your name, ticket number and drivers licence number.

Request a pre-authorized payment plan 

Check the status of a ticket

Have a ticket? You can find out how much you owe, pay it or ask for a meeting with a prosecutor.

Check the status of your ticket

Parking tickets

Pay your ticket
Pay your ticket
Resolve your ticket 
Request a resolution of your ticket
Dispute your ticket 
If you would like to dispute your parking ticket you must file a Notice of Intention to Appear.

File a notice of intention to appear

Frequently asked questions

How many demerit points will I receive?

Visit the Ministry of Transportation to learn how they assign demerit points.

Why are there two amounts on my ticket?

One amount is the set fine and the other is the total payable.  You are responsible for the total payable.  The total payable is the set fine, plus costs and the applicable Victim Fine Surcharge.  All funds from the Victim Fine Surcharge are used to maintain assistance programs for victims of crime.

I cannot make my early resolution; can I postpone my appointment?

You can postponed your early resolution one time.  It will be rescheduled within 30 days of your current date.  Send an email request with your name, ticket number and date and time your current appointment is scheduled for.

I cannot pay my fine in full, what can I do?

You must file a motion of extension of time to pay fine. A pre-authorized payment plan is available.

How do I change a trial date once it has been scheduled?

Please contact our office immediately to find out your options.

Can I appeal a conviction or sentence?

You have the right to appeal any Provincial Offence's conviction or sentence.  Caledon and Orangeville appeals are filed in person at 10 Louisa St, 2nd floor. Orangeville. L9W 3P9

Guide to Appeals in Provincial Offences Cases


More Appeal Information

I did not receive my Notice of Trial/Early Resolution. Am I now convicted?

Please contact the court indicated on the trial or early resolution notice to request a reopening. This must be done within 15 days of being aware of the conviction. 


Can I get more advice on which option to choose?

Court administration staff cannot provide legal advice on which option you should choose.  If you require legal advice Law Society of Ontario has a listing of licenced paralegals and lawyers.

My licence has been suspended due to unpaid fines, what should I do now?

If your drivers licence is under suspension due to unpaid fines, please contact Service Ontario to pay your fines and reinstate your licence.

I would like to file a complaint. Who do I contact?

 Justice of the Peace
Please direct your complaint concerning a Justice of the Peace in writing to:


The Justice of the Peace Review Council

P.O.Box 914

31 Adelaide Street E

Toronto, ON M5C 2K3

Fax (416) 327-2339

Paralegal or counsel
Please direct your complaint concerning a paralegal or counsel to the Law Society of Ontario.

Caledon OPP (905) 584-2241

Dufferin OPP (519) 925-3838

Orangeville Police Service (519)941-2522

Shelburne Police Services (519)925-3312


If you or someone you represent requires services or accessibility accommodations, please contact our Caledon office.