The Study
In response to continued population growth and increased wear and tear on existing infrastructure through increased traffic, development, new infrastructure, and increased expectations as to the type and quality of services the Town provides, the Town of Caledon has identified the need for improvements to Glasgow Road, from Chickadee Lane to Deer Valley Drive. Through subsequent review of the original study area and discussions with the Town, the study area and limits of the preliminary design have been extended to include an additional 300 m of Deer Valley Drive, from Glasgow Road to Bambi Trail, to address a missing link in the Town’s active transportation network. The active transportation facility will provide better pedestrian and cyclist connectivity, enhance bicycle and pedestrian travel, and ultimately improve livability in communities.
The project was initiated as a Schedule A+ Municipal Class Environmental Assessment, however, has since been elevated to a Schedule “B” project in accordance with the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (October 2000, as amended in 2007, 2011 & 2015). As such, public and technical agency consultation will play a key role in developing the study recommendations. The purpose of this Schedule “B” Municipal Class Environmental Assessment is to identify the required improvements to the roadway, enhance safety, improve traffic operations, and better accommodate pedestrians and cyclists.