Proposed GO Rail Line for Caledon and Vaughan moved forward by Province of Ontario

Media release

January 18, 2022 – The Town of Caledon and City of Vaughan have received a commitment from Minister of Transportation of Ontario Caroline Mulroney that the proposed Caledon-Vaughan GO rail line is moving forward, with Metrolinx now being directed to advance the business case for the project as the region awaits the release of the Greater Golden Horseshoe Transportation Plan update.

Both municipalities are pleased to be one step closer to GO train service. Caledon and Vaughan, with support from the City of Brampton, have been actively pursuing this vital regional link for years as they prepare for significant expected growth over the next three decades.

“As a municipality projected to grow by 300,000 people and 125,000 jobs by 2051, advancing GO train service to Caledon now is smart, forward-looking planning. It’s a critical option for reducing traffic congestion on our roads, preserving Caledon’s quality of life, and protecting our environment and greenspaces,” said Town of Caledon Mayor Allan Thompson. “We thank the Province and Metrolinx for taking this important next step.”

“The City of Vaughan strongly supports the business case for expanding GO service in Vaughan and Caledon through a Caledon-Vaughan GO rail line. In Vaughan, this proposed transit option is located in the Vaughan Enterprise Zone, one of the largest employment areas in the GTA that encompasses more than 3,800 acres, or approximately 1,566 hectares of employment land. The Vaughan Enterprise Zone is projected to accommodate 60,000 jobs over the next 20 years, making it a strategic location to expand the regional transportation network for the future. I am encouraged by the Province's and Metrolinx’s commitment to working with our municipalities to continue exploring the economic and social benefits of the Caledon-Vaughan GO line,” said Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua of the City of Vaughan.

“This is great news for our region, which is seeing tremendous growth. Improved transit service is important for long-term growth and for healthy and livable communities. I was pleased to support the efforts of Mayor Thompson and Mayor Bevilacqua,” added City of Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown.

Additional information:

  • A Caledon-Vaughan GO line would serve a catchment of approximately 1.3 million people, encompassing an area from Toronto to Caledon, Vaughan and Brampton.
  • The need for commuter rail service between Caledon, Vaughan, and Toronto’s Union Station has been identified and established through many studies, including the Metrolinx Regional Transportation Plan (RTP-2008), MoveOntario 2020 and GO 2020 Strategic Plan as a desired service in the near-to-medium (15 years) timeline.
  • In 2010, Metrolinx investigated and completed the Bolton (Caledon) Commuter Rail Service Feasibility Study, which reconfirmed the need for commuter GO rail service based on the growth in population and employment and high potential demand for rail ridership.