Emergency Culvert Lining – Centreville Creek Road

What are we doing?
  • Emergency Culvert Lining at Centreville Creek Road (175 meters North of Patterson Sideroad).
  • Relining of a single culvert along Centreville Creek Road.
  • The scope shall also include the installation of environmental protection measures, a temporary work platform for installation of the culvert liner, and restoration of disturbed areas to existing conditions or better.
  • To improve public and road safety.
  • To extend the service life of the culverts and prevent future excavation of the road to replace the culverts.


  • The construction work is anticipated to start August 9, 2022 and be completed within one to two weeks, weather permitting.

Who can you call?

Town of Caledon

  • James Lane, C.E.T., C.R.S.-1 - Superintendent, Road Operations - 905-584-2272 ext. 4453
  • Service Caledon - 905-584-2272 ext. 7750

Engineering Consultant - R.J. Burnside & Associates Ltd.

  • Chris Knechtel - Project Manager - 519-939-1397 (cell)
  • Devin Soeting - Project Coordinator - 226-486-1551 (cell)
  • Mack Chiasson - Site Inspector - 519-216-8264 (cell)

Contractor - Pipeflo Contracting Corp.

  • Dave Allen - Site Superintendent - 905-961-5426 (cell)
  • Braydon McNeill - Operations Supervisor - 905-981-7465 (cell)
  • Julia Noble - Operational Director - 905-572-7767 (work)


  • Unfortunately, the Town has historically discovered communications cables installed closer to the ground surface than specified. We don’t anticipate buried service lines being affected from the scope of this project, however if these lines are closer to the surface than the Bell/Rogers specification a line may inadvertently be cut by the construction crew. It is Bells/Rogers responsibility to provide you with a service that is buried to a sufficient depth and they will need to address any line outages.
  • In the event you find your line is cut please contact them directly at:
    • Bell outside Service Wire: 1-866-310-2355
    • Rogers Communications: 1-888-764-3771


  • The Contractor will work to ensure access is permitted to driveways at all times during construction. However, should your driveway be temporarily inaccessible, on-street parking is available. The Town’s Regulatory Services Department has been notified and will not ticket overnight parked cars that result from the temporary driveway closures. To maintain emergency access on the street, the Town requests that the residents park on the side of the road opposite of construction works.
  • For waste collection, the Region of Peel will be informed and alternative arrangements will be made to accommodate waste collection, if required.

Irrigation or Sprinkler Systems

  • Neither the Town nor the Contractor will be responsible for damage to underground irrigation or a sprinkler system within the Town right-of-way.
  • You may wish to move the sprinkler lines to inside your private property to avoid damage.

Traffic and Parking Control

  • Lane restrictions and short duration road closures may be required from time to time during construction and Traffic Control persons will be used with proper signage.

Working Hours

  • Contractor’s normal working hours are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but a shorter working day would mean the project would take longer to complete.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Service Caledon at 905-584-2272 ext. 7750.