Council Highlights May 23, 2023

Preserving the Dark Sky

Council asked staff to report back on a way to help preserve the dark sky in Caledon to protect natural habitats and wildlife from light pollution. Staff will review different ways to achieve this including through a bylaw or Official Plan review.

Caledon enters Sister City Agreement with Town of Isola del Liri

Council approved a Sister City Agreement with the Town of Caledon and the Town of Isola del Liri in Italy. The Town sent a delegation to Isola del Liri in August 2022 and continues to develop the relationship between the two cities. Sister city relationships offer economic development, cultural and tourism benefits. With a sister City, Caledon can internationally showcase its communities and local economy. Three initiatives will be the focus for the partnership that align with existing projects in 2023:

·       Public Art 

·       Celebration of Italian Heritage

·       Tourism Marketing Campaign

Housing Audit moves forward

Council approved the terms of reference for the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing third-party audit for municipalities following Bill 23. Caledon is one of six municipalities chosen to participate. The audit will assess the financial impacts of Bill 23 on Caledon; and complete a value for money audit of Caledon finances over the last five years. The Ministry will start the audit in July 2023 at the earliest and estimates it will take approximately nine months to complete.

Lobbyist Registry

Council directed staff to look into a lobbyist registry that will document communications between Town Council, staff and groups or individuals that engage in lobbying and report back to the Town’s Governance Committee. The lobbyist registry would record any contact or communications between advocacy groups and the Town. The registry would be made available to the public for open communications and enhanced transparency.

Process for Ministerial Orders and Community Infrastructure Housing Accelerator Requests
Council approved a process to manage two planning act tools, Ministerial Zoning Order (MZO) and Community Infrastructure and Housing Accelerator (CIHA) that are received by the Town. These planning tools expedite transit-oriented communities, affordable housing and economic development. With this process in place, the Province continues to be able to issue an MZO without the support of Council.

Staff consulted with the Region of Peel, Caledon’s Growth Management Committee, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, City of Brampton, City Cambridge, Town of Clarington and Town of Blue Mountains to inform the process.

Before the public meeting is held the Town will create a website with details.

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