Council Highlights - January 31, 2023

For Immediate Release

January 31, 2023

Bolton Community Improvement Plan

Council approved the addition of four new financial incentive programs and Town-led initiatives to help achieve the Bolton revitalization plan goals.  To-date there has been strong participation in the Bolton Community Improvement Plan with over $561,000 in grants issued and $35.9 million in private property investment. The Town-led strategy is to further encourage private sector investment in Bolton. There are 10 goals in the plan ranging from making places easier to find and marketing to programming and events. The plan will be in action for 10 years with ongoing marketing and promotion with a review after five years.

Caledon Acts on Bill 23 changes

The Town of Caledon is working through the changes from Bill 23, More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022 that impact land use and planning processes. The Province has provided housing targets for 29 selected municipalities in Ontario. Caledon’s target is 13,000 new residential units by 2031. The Province has requested that Caledon sign a ‘Housing Pledge’ committing to the new target by March 1, 2023. Staff will bring forward more information on the Housing Pledge in February. For information on changes from Bill 23 such as additional residential units and plans of subdivisions visit the Town’s Bill 23 Page

Strategic Plan

The Town will begin work on a measurable and action-oriented strategic plan with a 12-year vision for the community. The plan will be the first of its kind for Caledon and will incorporate community, Council and staff input. A draft plan is expected in early summer 2023.

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