Caledon on the list for Housing Ministry Audit

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing announced a third-party audit for municipalities following Bill 23. Caledon is one of six municipalities chosen to participate.

“Given the concerns the Town has expressed over Bill 23 in our housing pledge, we welcome the audit,” said Mayor Annette Groves. “This process will assess the impact of the bill in a greenfield growth community like ours where infrastructure and community amenities are needed for new development.”

The audit will: assess the financial impacts of Bill 23 on Caledon; and complete a value for money audit of Caledon finances over the last five years.

“As we prepare for growth the Town is continuously improving our processes, we appreciate the feedback and recommendations from the province,” said Groves.

The Ministry will start the audit in July 2023 at the earliest and estimates it will take approximately nine months to complete.

Council will confirm acceptance of the audit by May 26, 2023.