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 General Information
Rates and Fees 

Program rates vary and are subject to change without notice.  Registered program rates are listed without tax.  Drop-in program rates include tax. Town of Caledon reserves the right to cancel or alter any classes, drop-in activities, times, costs or locations without notice in the event of low enrolment or change of availability of facilities or instructors.


Non-Resident Rate 
Non-residents will be charged an additional fee of 10% per pre-registered program. Non-resident fees for fitness memberships and facility rentals may vary.
Adult 55+
Adults fifty-five (55) years of age or older are entitled to a 20% discount on all adult registered programs (with the exception of Adult 55+ specific programs).  Proof of age may be required at the time of registration.  Material fees (if applicable) are not eligible for a discount.


Age Requirements 
Participants must be the minimum age required on the start date of the program (except Aquatic Leadership programs).  Age requirements are program specific. 
Program Cancellations 

All program cancellations due to holidays will be indicated as an exclusion date.  The Town of Caledon may cancel any program or registration at any time.  In the event that a program is cancelled by the Town, every effort will be made to accommodate the participant in another program.  If there are no other programs which are satisfactory to the participant, a credit on the customer account will be provided.  No administration fee will be applied.  All program cancellations are processed as a credit on the customer account.  A refund may be requested. 

Program Transfers 
Program transfers will be permitted before the start of the third scheduled class, provided space is available. 
Missed Classes 
In the event a participant is unable to attend a class(es), the Town regrets that a make-up class(es), refunds or credits will not be offered. 

Please consider the following when choosing to go on a waitlist:

  • Only waitlist once for each program, for each participant
  • Choose either to stay on the waitlist or register for the same program at a different time - not both.  By doing both, you limit the opportunity for another participant to enjoy our programs.

If you are on a waitlist and a spot becomes available, you will receive an automatic email notification.  Please ensure to accept or decline.

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)
A fee of $48.33 applies to all NSF payments.  Payment for outstanding balances will be accepted by cash or credit card only. 
Family Discount 

Families registering three or more children in the same session are eligible for a 20% family discount to the least expensive program for the third and any subsequent children (children must be siblings).  Discounts may not apply to all programs.  The family discount option is not available on-line.  If you registered online and are eligible for the discount, please contact and we will apply a credit to your account, if applicable. 

To ensure participant's wellbeing, please make sure that our staff are aware of any severe allergies or medical conditions.  It is strongly recommended that children take any necessary medication at home under the supervision of a parent/guardian.  Participants that require medication during program hours will be required to complete additional forms.  Please ensure that all medication is kept in its original container. 
Adverse Weather - Closures
Every effort will be made to ensure that all recreation facilities remain open during regular hours of operation, with programs and services to the public continuing to operate as normal.  In the event of severe, adverse weather, please check with your location recreation centre or
Support Persons 
The Town of Caledon encourages and welcomes participants with disabilities or special needs.  Admission fees may be waived for support persons accompanying a person with a disability.  Support staff may be available for pre-registered programs upon request; limited spots are available.  For more information regarding support persons or inclusion opportunities, please contact 905-584-2272 x.4204. 
Photography & Filming 
Please note that to ensure the privacy of others, filming or photography is not permitted during registered programs and drop-in activities.  Town staff may take photos for marketing purposes but will confirm permission in advance for those 17 years and younger. 
Electronic Devices 
In order to ensure the safety, comfort and privacy of all patrons using our facilities, the use of electronic devices (ie. cell phones, portable video game, etc.) are not permitted in change rooms / washrooms due to the integration of cameras into these devices. 
Credits on Customer Accounts
Credits less than $50 will become the property of the Town of Caledon after one (1) year of inactivity.  Credits greater than $50 will become the property of the Town after three (3) years of inactivity.  Customer account credits may be refunded upon request, subject to an administration fee.  If you would like to request a refund for your account credit, please contact us.  An administration fee will apply.
Refund Policy
Registered Programs - General programs, Active Living, Aquatics, Fitness 
Withdrawal requests received before the course start date will receive a full credit to the customer account.  Withdrawal requests received on the course start date but before the third course date will receive a partial credit to the customer account based on the number of classes that have already taken place (regardless of the number of classes attended).  Withdrawals requested on, or after, the date of the third scheduled class will only be processed for medical reasons, when accompanied by a medical note. 
Registered Programs - Camp, Workshops, First-Aid, Leadership 
Withdrawal requests submitted prior to the program start date will receive a credit on account.  All Leadership withdrawals are subject to a $50 withdrawal fee.  Withdrawals requested on or after the program start date will only be processed for medical reasons, when accompanied by a medical note.  Customers will receive a partial credit on the customer account based on the number of classes that have already taken place (regardless of the number of classes attended). 
Request for Refund
Refunds will be processed upon request and are subject to an administration fee.  The fee will be applied per transaction.