Climate Change Heroes

Caledon Climate Heroes is all about showcasing residents, businesses and community groups that are acting on climate change right here in Caledon.

Mount Wolfe Farm

This family-run Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm has been operating since 2015 and offers a variety of veggies, and more, year-round.Person standing in from of sign that says Mount Wolfe Farm

Mount Wolfe is committed to regenerative agriculture practices that help absorb carbon, improve soil health, and support biodiversity. These include:

  • The use of cover crops. These are plants that are used to maintain/improve soil quality rather than as a crop for harvest. Cover cropping helps reduce soil erosion, boost soil fertility, and manage pests and diseases;
  • Low and no till practices. This involves minimizing disturbance (i.e. plowing/tilling) to conserve the soil ecosystem, reduce wind and water erosion and maintain carbon in the soil;
  • Ecological pest management. Companion plantings, which is when different types of crops are planted close to each other, provide habitat within in vegetable plots for beneficial wildlife like birds, toads, snakes, and parasitic wasps. This reduces the need for human intervention to control pests. The use of physical barriers like row covers also protects crops from insect pests.
  • Naturalization. Planting trees and enhancing/restoring natural features on the farm helps create habitat for wildlife and other ecological goods and services.

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