As announced by the province on January 3, 2022, Ontario is temporarily moving to modified step two of the roadmap to reopen

Effective January 4, 2022, enhanced vaccine certificate with QR code will be required as proof of vaccination. Paper vaccination receipts will no longer be acceptable. Details: Proof of vaccination.

As of January 5, 2022, Town of Caledon indoor recreation amenities will be temporarily closed and programs and services suspended until further notice.  

Learn more about Town services and programs that are affected:

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Outdoor skating programs

The Town of Caledon is pleased to safely offer two outdoor skate programs this Winter.

Location: Ralph's Rink, Caledon Centre for Recreation and Wellness

Private Skate Skills Clinic

Instructors will lead a tailored skating clinic for participants to further develop their skating skills. Participants will learn one-on-one with the instructor. Participant must wear properly fastened CSA approved helmet and skates. Lessons are available throughout the preschool 1 - 3 and youth 1 - 2 and adult beginner levels.

For semi-private opportunities contact

Program Day: Single 30-minute lessons, Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons 

Rec @ the Rink

Join our staff for a variety of organized games and activities at your local outdoor rink. Previous skating experience required; participants must be able to skate on their own. Participants must wear properly fastened CSA approved helmet and skates.

Program Day: Saturday mornings


All programs require pre-registration. All registrations must be completed online or by calling 905-584-2272 x.7327.

Note: To help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, staff will be teaching with a hand's off approach in order to maintain physical distance. A parent/guardian is welcome to assist their child on the ice.

Parents/guardians must be at least 14 years of age or older and are expected to be in skating attire (skates, hockey helmet) following directions from the instructor throughout the session. No pre-registration is required for parents/guardians. 

Outdoor rinks

Outdoor rinks are available on a first-come, first-served basis. No pre-registration required except for Valleywood.

Temperatures have to be -5 degrees or below for several days in a row for the ice to be built. For rinks to be safe and not get damaged, it has to be cold enough for almost 1-2 inches of ice to be frozen solid.


Name Location Capacity Status
Alton Community Rink 35 Station St. 30 OPEN
Caledon Village Community Rink Caledon Central Public School 
18357 Kennedy Rd.
Inglewood Community Rink Lloyd Wilson
15551 McLaughlin Rd.
Southfields Community Rink 

John Clarkson Park

415 Dougall Avenue

Mono Mills Community Rink John Nichols Park
10 Simcoe St.
Palgrave Community Rink Palgrave Park
17255 Mount Hope Rd.
**Palgrave Mill Pond 17357 Regional Road 50  200 OPEN

Valleywood Community Rink


Lina Marino Park

105 Valleywood Blvd.

20 (skating) 12 (hockey) CLOSED

*Ralph's Outdoor Rink

Caledon Centre for Recreation and Wellness

14111 Highway 50

 30 (shinny permitted)  CLOSED


*John's Outdoor Rink

Caledon Centre for Recreation and Wellness

14111 Highway 50

30 (skating only)


* Ralph's Rink will be closed for outdoor skating programs Saturday's 8:30 - 11:45 a.m. and Sunday's 11:30-2:45 p.m. John's Rink will continue to be available during this time (adjacent to Ralph's Rink). Regular Operating hours are 8am-10pm daily with the exception of programs on Saturdays an Sundays.

** The Town is working closely with the Palgrave Pond Community Inc. community group and TRCA to provide safe skating on the Millpond this winter. This includes a process that requires all skaters to complete an online waiver form. The waiver is required once per season for the season and will be available through a QR code posted at the pond and here:

Pond skating safety

The Town does not permit skating on stormwater management ponds.

Stormwater management ponds are designed and used for a specific purpose: to hold melted snow and precipitation over a period of time which is released slowly into the stream to reduce flooding. The water level in stormwater ponds is in constant fluctuation which makes any surface ice unstable. Skating on a stormwater management pond puts your life in direct danger.

Stormwater management ponds are not designed or intended for recreational use such as skating or sledding – no activities on the ice are safe.

If you do choose to skate on a public pond at your own risk, keep these safety guidelines in mind:

Be ice smart

Myth: If the weather has been cold, the ice must be solid and safe.

Reality: Other factors that are largely independent of air temperature (e.g., wind, a layer of snow on the ice, currents and fluctuating water levels) can weaken ice and make it unable to bear weight. A sudden drop in air temperature, which is actually more dangerous than a sudden rise, can create cracks in the ice.

No ice is without risk

Myth: Thick ice is stronger than thin ice.

Reality: Even thick ice may be weak if it is "rotten" or contains layers of water. Rotten ice has frozen and thawed repeatedly, making it potentially fragile even when it appears solid.

Check the ice before you go on it

Always check ice thickness before venturing out. Snowmobiles require at least five inches of clear solid ice and autos at least eight inches to a foot of clear solid ice.

You cannot tell the strength of the ice by its appearance. Temperature, thickness, snow cover, water depth, size of water body, currents and distribution of the load on top of the ice are all factors affecting ice safety.

Before you head onto any ice, check with a local bait shop operator or resort owner for known ice conditions, thin ice areas or dangerous open water conditions.

What to do if you break through the ice?

  • Don't panic - the clothes you're wearing will trap air and keep you buoyant.
  • Turn toward the direction you came from and place your hands and arms on the unbroken surface.
  • Kick your feet and try to push yourself forward on top of the unbroken ice on your stomach like a seal.
  • Once you are lying on the ice, don't stand up. Roll away from the break until you're on solid ice.
Outdoor rink rules
  • Maintain a physical distance of 6 feet at all times (excluding members of the same household)
  • Non-medical masks and face coverings are required outdoors when physical distancing cannot be maintained
  • Follow capacity limits outlined below
  • Follow posted schedules as applicable
  • Do not use the rink when closed
  • Helmets are strongly recommended for all
  • Skates are required when on the ice
  • Use at your own risk