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Animal Care and Control By-law

Subject: By-laws
Title: Animal Care and Control By-law
Number: 2019-43
Summary: A by-law to regulate the care and control of animals within the Town of Caledon and to repeal By-law 2013-130, as amended and By-law 2006-128, as amended.

Apartment-in-House Registry

Subject: By-laws
Title: Apartment-in-House Registry
Number: 98-86
Summary: To Provide for the registration of two-unit houses. The by-law gives the municipality the authority to refuse to register a two-unit house if the house does not comply with the by-law provisions and/or the Town may also revoke a registration where the house has ceased to comply with these standards.

Appeal Board By-law (Consolidation)

Subject: By-laws
Title: Appeal Board By-law (Consolidation)
Number: 2018-81
Summary: A By-law to establish the Appeal Board, its Rules of Procedure and to repeal By-law 2015-021

Building By-law

Subject: By-laws
Title: Building By-law
Number: 2011-156
Summary: To govern the issuance and administration of building permits and related matters.

Clean Yards

Subject: By-laws
Title: Clean Yards
Number: 2016-063
Summary: To regulate maintenance and care of land.

Council Expense Policy

Subject: By-laws
Title: Council Expense Policy
Date: February 2, 2016
Number: BL-2016-011
Summary: A by-law to repeal and adopt a Council Expense Policy and establish the corporate budget to be used by Members of Council and to repeal By-law 2009-104.

COVID-19 Mandatory Face Covering By-law (Consolidation)

Subject: By-laws
Title: COVID-19 Mandatory Face Covering By-law (Consolidation)
Number: 2020-47
Summary: A by-law to require mandatory face coverings in indoor spaces and vehicles accessible to the public in the Town of Caledon

Development Charges

Subject: By-laws
Title: Development Charges
Number: 2019-31
Summary: A by-law to impose and provide for the payment of development charges for municipal services in the Town of Caledon

Dumping on Private or Municipal Property

Subject: By-laws
Title: Dumping on Private or Municipal Property
Number: 87-100
Summary: To prohibit the placement of refuse and debris on private and municipal property.


Subject: By-laws
Title: Exhibitions
Number: 2006-019
Summary: To regulate outdoor concerts and festivals where musical entertainment is provided and a fee is charged for admission.
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