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Animal Care and Control By-law

Subject: By-laws
Title: Animal Care and Control By-law
Number: 2019-43
Summary: A by-law to regulate the care and control of animals within the Town of Caledon and to repeal By-law 2013-130, as amended and By-law 2006-128, as amended.

Apartment-in-House Registry

Subject: By-laws
Title: Apartment-in-House Registry
Number: 98-86
Summary: To Provide for the registration of two-unit houses. The by-law gives the municipality the authority to refuse to register a two-unit house if the house does not comply with the by-law provisions and/or the Town may also revoke a registration where the house has ceased to comply with these standards.

Appeal Board By-law (Consolidation)

Subject: By-laws
Title: Appeal Board By-law (Consolidation)
Number: 2018-81
Summary: A By-law to establish the Appeal Board, its Rules of Procedure and to repeal By-law 2015-021

Building By-law

Subject: By-laws
Title: Building By-law
Number: 2011-156
Summary: To govern the issuance and administration of building permits and related matters.

Business Licensing By-law

Subject: By-laws
Title: Business Licensing By-law
Number: 2022-041
Summary: A by-law to provide for the licensing and regulation of various businesses within the Town of Caledon and to repeal By-law 2013-127, as amended

Clean Yards By-law (Consolidation)

Subject: By-laws
Title: Clean Yards By-law (Consolidation)
Number: 2016-063
Summary: To regulate maintenance and care of land.

Committee of Adjustment By-law (Consolidation)

Subject: By-laws
Title: Committee of Adjustment By-law (Consolidation)
Number: 2018-80
Summary: A by-law to establish the rules governing the calling, place, proceedings; providing public notice of hearings of the Committee of Adjustment of the Town of Caledon; and repealing Committee of Adjustment By-law No. 2015-008.

Council Expense Policy

Subject: By-laws
Title: Council Expense Policy
Date: November 3, 2022
Number: BL-2016-011
Summary: A by-law to repeal and adopt a Council Expense Policy and establish the corporate budget to be used by Members of Council and to repeal By-law 2009-104.

Council Expense Policy

Subject: Policies
Title: Council Expense Policy
Summary: The Town of Caledon shall provide Members of Council with fair remuneration, allowances, benefits, resources, and reimbursement for reasonable permitted expenses incurred while carrying out their respective roles and responsibilities.

Development Charge Interest Rate By-law

Subject: By-laws
Title: Development Charge Interest Rate By-law
Number: 2020-96
Summary: A by-law to establish interest rates and impose interest charges on instalment payments of development charges pursuant to Section 26.1 of the Development Charges Act, 1997 and on development charges determined under the development charge by-law at the date of a site plan or rezoning application pursuant to Section 26.2 of the Development Charges Act, 1997
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