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Water and Waste Water

Water and waste water services for the Town of Caledon are operated and maintained by the Region of Peel. This includes water and waste water billing, water meter replacement, sewer system maintenance, and more.


For general enquiries please contact Region of Peel: 905-791-7800

After hours emergencies: 1.800.563.7881.

Storm Water Management

Water storage sources such as culverts, catch basins and ditches are all maintained by the Town of Caledon's Public Works Department.

Catch basins

Usually located along the edge of the roadway or ditch, storm water is directed through the steel grate covering the catch basin structure. Please do not dump waste into these drains. The storm water is then conveyed from the catch basin through to a sewer system which outlets into our lakes, streams or rivers. The heavier suspended particles are collected in the bottom of the catch basin, stopping them from travelling into the water supply. Catch basins are vacuum cleaned every 1-2 years.


All culverts within the Town's right-of-way are installed and maintained by the Town, as stated in Town by-law 93-05. If you require an additional entrance, a new entrance, or if you require maintenance to your entrance culvert (i.e., it is plugged with debris, heaved up/caved in, frozen causing flooding), contact Service Caledon at or 905-584-2272 x7750.

For all costs associated with installing a new culvert, please see the Fees By-Law.


Roadside ditches perform four primary functions:

  • Drain water from the road base and sub grade; they are not intended to drain adjacent properties (but in many cases, they may).
  • Carry collected water to a sufficient outlet. 
  • Stop the uncollected sheet of surface water coming from outside the road allowance from getting on the road.
  • Assist in winter snow clearing operations by providing snow storage below the elevation of the road surface.
  • Standing water is common during the spring and after heavy precipitation periods. If you have concerns with mosquito breeding in ditches and West Nile Virus related issues, please contact Peel Health (905) 799-7700.  


For general enquiries please contact Service Caledon:

905.584.2272 x. 7750

After hours emergencies: 1.800.563.7881.