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Town of Caledon Official Plan

April, 2018 Consolidation

OPA 251 is approved and in effect, but has not been consolidated into the Official Plan.

The province has released Agricultural System mapping that impacts some designations indicated in the Town’s Official Plan. Provincial mapping can be viewed here, or contact the Town for more information.

Schedule A Land Use Plan

Schedule P2 Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan Landform Conservation Areas

Schedule A1 Town Structure

Schedule R Victoria Business Park Land Use Plan Area

Schedule B Mayfield West Land Use Plan

Schedule S The Greenbelt in Caledon

Schedule B1 Snell's Hollow Secondary Plan 

Schedule T Sandhill Land Use Plan

Schedule B2 Mayfield West Phase 2 Secondary Plan: Land Use Plan

Figure 1 Growth Plan Policy Areas in Caledon 

Schedule C Bolton Land Use Plan

Figure 2 Albion

Schedule C1 Bolton Core Land Use Plan

Figure 3 Alton

Schedule C1A Bolton Core Vehicular & Pedestrian Accessibility

Figure 4 Belfountain

Schedule C2 Bolton South Hill Land Use Plan

Figure 5 Campbell's Cross 

 Schedule C3 West Bolton Secondary Plan Area

Figure 6 Cataract

 Schedule C4 North East Bolton Land Use Plan

Figure 7 Cheltenham

Schedule C5 South Simpson Industrial Secondary Plan

Figure 8 Claude

Schedule C6 Bolton Community Shopping Centre Commercial Area

Figure 9 Melville

Schedule C7 Coleraine West Employment Area Land Use Plan

Figure 10 Mono Mills

Schedule D Caledon East Land Use Plan

Figure 11 Mono Road

Schedule E Caledon Village Land Use Plan

Figure 12 Palgrave

Schedule F Rural Estate Residential Areas

Figure 13 Terra Cotta

Schedule G Palgrave Estate Residential Community

Figure 14 Victoria

Schedule H Palgrave Estate Residential Community Water Service Area

Figure 15 Wildfield

Schedule I Palgrave Estate Residential Community Environmental Zoning

Figure 16 Caledon East Secondary Plan

Schedule J Long Range Road Network

Figure 17 Caledon East Conceptual Pedestrian Network

Schedule K Road Right-of-Way Widths

Figure 18 Mayfield West Phase 2 Secondary Plan: Planning Area

Schedule L CHPMARA Prioritization Plan

Figure 19 GTA West Preliminary Route Planning Study Area in the Plan Area

Schedule M Inglewood Village and Area Land Use Plan

Figure 20 Provincial Minimum Distance Separation Calculated Setback

Schedule N Tullamore Land Use Area

Figure 21 Noise Exposure Forecast 25 Contour Line From the Brampton Flying Club Airport

Schedule O Wellhead Protection Areas

Appendix I Niagara Escarpment Plan

Schedule P Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan Land Use Designations

Appendix II Aggregate Resource Fragments

Schedule P1 Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan Aquifer Vulnerability Areas

Appendix III Community Improvement Plan Areas

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  • For inquiries about policy or planning, please call 905.584.2272 x. 7338 or send an email to our Policy and Sustainability section.