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Nunnville Road

Town File No.: POPA 19-04, 21T-19001C, and RZ 19-05

Location : 13233 and 13247 Nunnville Road

Ward: 5 

Lead Planner: Leilani Lee-Yates

The town has recieved applications for a proposed Official Plan Amendment, Draft Plan of Subdivision, and Zoning By-law Amendment. Your input and insight will inform and shape plans that meet the needs of our community.

Description of Property

The subject lands are located on the East of Nunnville Road. 

Purpose and Effect of the Applications 

To amend the Official Plan, establish a plan of subdivision and amend the Zoning By-law on the subject
lands to permit the creation of a 35-lot residential plan of subdivision.  The Official Plan Amendment
proposes to re-designate the lands from the Special Residential Designation within the Secondary Plan to
the Low Density Residential Designation.  The Zoning By-law 2006-50 Amendment proposes to rezone
the lands from the Estate Residential Exception-13 (RE-13) Zone and Environmental Policy Area- 1 (EPA-
1) Zone to a site specific Residential One-Exception-XX (R1-XX) Zone for the residential lots and
Environmental Policy Area -1 (EPA-1) Zone for the environmental blocks. The Draft Plan of Subdivision proposes to create 35 residential freehold lots with a range of frontages and areas all totaling (1.54 ha) in
area, accessed by a proposed public road (0.44 ha) and serviced by municipal water and wastewater
services.  Two environmental blocks (1.33 ha) in size have been proposed and an overland flow block for
drainage purposes (0.02 ha).




Notice of Public Meeting - October 2019

Notice of Application - August 29, 2019

Town and Agency Comments

Material Submitted in Support of the Application 

Planning Justification Report - August, 2019 (pdf)

Draft Official Plan Amendment (pdf)

Draft Zoning By-law Amendment (pdf)

Conceptual Site Plan - August 2019 (pdf)

Conceptual Elevations and Floor Plans - August 2019 (pdf)

Plan of Survey (pdf)

Draft Plan of Subdivision (pdf)

Housing Employment and Community Services Report - August 2019 (pdf)

Fiscal Impact Study - August 2019 (pdf)

Topographic and Boundary Sketch - August 2019 (pdf)

Geotechnical Report - August 2019 (pdf)

Functional Servicing & Preliminary Stormwater Management Report  - August 2019 (pdf)

Hydrogeological Assessment Report - August 2019 (pdf)

Noise Feasibility Report - August 2019 (pdf)

Traffic Impact Study - August 2019 (pdf)

Tree Inventory and Preservation Plan Report - August 7, 2019 (pdf)

Tree Inventory and Preservation Plan - August 7, 2019 (pdf)

Urban Design Brief - August 2019 (pdf)

Zoning By-law Matrix (pdf)

Healthy Development Assessment (pdf)

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment - July 30, 2019 (pdf)

For studies that are not available on line, the public may view (by appointment) the documents at Town Hall, in the Planning & Development Services Department.


For more information or to provide comments and feedback please contact: 

Leilani Lee-Yates, Community Planner, 905-584-2272 x. 4228.


View the Town's current Official Plan and Zoning By-law 2006-50, as amended