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The average car idles for eight minutes per day. Over a year that costs $114 in gas (at current prices) and releases 202 kg of C02 into the atmosphere.

Unnecessary idling contributes to poor air quality, affects public health and results in increased wear and tear of vehicles. According to Natural Resources Canada, 10 seconds of idling uses more fuel than it takes to restart an engine.

Help make a difference for your car and your community: if you are stopped for more than two minutes, except while in traffic, turn off your engine.  

About the Town's Idling By-law

The Town of Caledon, like many other municipalities in Ontario, has an Idling By-law (click here to obtain a copy of the By-law) that prohibits idling for more than two minutes, except for emergency vehicles and a few other situations. Contravention of the by-law could lead to a fine of anywhere between $100 (for a first offence) and $10,000 (for subsequent offences). 

How Can Residents Help? 

One of the easiest actions that individuals can take - with a simple turn of a key - is to turn their engines off and avoid unnecessary idling.   

The next time you do any of these, take action and don't idle: 

  • waiting for passengers
  • stopping at railway crossings
  • waiting in Kiss & Ride lane at a school
  • running quick errands
  • waiting to refuel or to have the car washed
  • stopping to talk to an acquaintance or friend
  • preparing to leave the house
  • sitting in a drive through lane


For more information regarding the Town's Idling By-law, please contact us during the following hours:

Monday through Friday (excluding holidays)
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Phone: 905.584.2272 x. 3462