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Caledon firefighter

Municipal Numbering

To help the Emergency Services reach you in the quickest possible time, please ensure that your house number is visible.

In subdivisions, some numbers are too small or too far from the road to be seen. Bushes can hide the numbers, especially in spring or summer.

Ensure that your number stands out, especially at night time with exterior lights on or off. Have a friend or neighbour assess it for you.

Home/building owners are responsible for such numbers to be of a size and colour that allows them to be clearly seen from the road.

Consider removing any obstructions, including vegetation or fencing, that restrict visibility of a municipal/emergency number from either direction on the road.

Help Us Help You

  • Do you have a posted number?

  • Is anything obstructing that number?

  • Is the number visible from the roadway?

  • Is it reflective?

  • If power is off, can it be seen?

  • Is the number contrast to the background bright enough to be seen at night?

  • Has the number rusted or faded?

  • Is the post or number bent or twisted?

  • Is your number large enough?

Did you know?

  • One of the most common delays in Emergency Response Times is that the Emergency Services Crews cannot find your house number?
  • Shiny brass shows on a dark background, but aged brass needs a light background. If you have a brass number, check that it still contrasts with the background.
  • If a delivery truck can't get through the trees in your driveway, neither can a fire truck.
  • To purchase a green/white reflective municipal number from the Town of Caledon, please visit Town Hall or contact

Please take a few moments now and have a look at your municipal number to make sure you can be easily located in an emergency.

For more information, please refer to By-law 2016-064 "A by-law with respect to municipal number of lots, buildings and units." To view the by-law, visit


If you have any questions, please contact