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Environmental Planning

In the Town of Caledon Official Plan, ecosystem consideration is a top priority in the land use decision making process, in order to protect, enhance and restore Caledon's natural landscape. 

Below is a brief overview of Ecosystem Objectives and Planning Strategy. (For more information please refer to Section 3.1 of the Official Plan.)

Ecosystem Objectives

Integrity Objectives: Protection, maintenance, and, as appropriate, enhancement and restoration of communities and ecosystem attributes, values, functions and processes.

Planning Objectives:

  • Ensure the ecosystem is a primary basis for consideration in land use planning decisions;
  • Create ecosystem appropriate policies and programs;
  • Foster education and awareness of Caledon's environment;
  • Develop policies with respect to ongoing human interactions with the natural environment;
  • Coordinate environmental programs and policies with outside organizations and agencies;
  • Promote ecosystem based philosophies at all levels of government; and
  • Ensure natural hazards are addressed in the planning process.

Ecosystem Planning Strategy

The strategy is comprised of:

  1. Four ecosystem components: natural core areas, natural corridors, supportive natural systems and natural linkages;
  2. Environmental Performance Measures (established for each component of the ecosystem framework);
  3. Environmental Impact Studies and Management Plans.  These are mechanism to assess proposals with regards to the Town's ecosystem principles and performance measures.
  4. Greenways Strategy: to connect ecosystem principles and the need to explore and identify compatible recreational and open space opportunities
  5. Protection of Scenic Natural Landscapes: for the management of the relationship between human settlement on the environment