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Averica Land Development Services - 336 King Street

Town File No.: POPA 18-03, 21T-18003C, 21CDM-18001C, and RZ 18-08

Related File Number(s): SPA 18-0088

Location : 336 King Street East

Ward: 5 

Lead Planner: Leilani Lee-Yates

The town has recieved applications for a proposed Official Plan Amendment, Draft Plan of Subdivision, Draft Plan of Condominium and Zoning By-law Amendment. Your input and insight will inform and shape plans that meet the needs of our community

Description of Property

The subject lands are located on the south side of King Street East, West of Evans Ridge. 

Purpose and Effect of the Applications 

To develop 16 four-storey townhouse units that are 13.3 metres in height, accessed by a private common element road and serviced by municipal water and wastewater services.  The Official Plan Amendment proposes to re-designate the lands from Low Density Residential to a site-specific High Density Residential designation.  The Zoning By-law 2006-50 Amendment proposes to rezone the lands from Rural Residential (RR) to a site-specific Townhouse Residential (RT-XX) Zone. The Draft Plan of Subdivision proposes to create one residential condominium block (2,501.7 m2), and two environmental blocks (3,575.80 m2).  The Draft Plan of Condominium seeks to create a common element tenure for an internal private road and visitor parking. A future Part Lot Control application will be submitted to create the individual parcels of tied land.  A Site Plan Control application has also been submitted to facilitate the development.




Notice of Application - December 20, 2018

Notice of Public Meeting - January 17, 2019

Material Submitted in Support of the Application 

Boundary & Topographic Plan - April, 2018 (pdf) 

Draft Zoning By-law - October 2018, (pdf)

Drawing Package - October 2018 (pdf) 

Draft Official Plan Amendment - October 2018 (pdf) 

Environmental Impact Study - October 2018 (pdf) 

Functional Servicing and Stormwater Management Report - September 2018 (pdf)

Geotechnical Investigation - June, 2018 (pdf) 

Landscape and Edge Management Plan - May, 2018 (pdf)

Noise Report - October 2018 (pdf) 

Peel Healthy Development Assessment (pdf)

Planning Rationale - November 2018 (pdf)

Plan of Subdivision - June 2018 (pdf)

Plan of Condo - June 2018 (pdf)

Slope Stability Report - August 2018 (pdf)

SPA Civil Drawings - September 2018 (pdf)

Stage 1-2 Archaeological Property Assessment, prepared by AMICK Consultants Ltd., dated June 21, 2018 – Please contact the Lead Planner for a copy of this report

Tree inventory and Preservation Plan - May, 2018 (pdf)

Traffic Impact Study - October, 2018 (pdf) 

Urban Design Brief - October 2018 (pdf)

For studies that are not available on line, the public may view (by appointment) the documents at Town Hall, in the Planning & Development Services Department.


For more information or to provide comments and feedback please contact: 

Leilani Lee-Yates, Senior Planner, Development  
905-584-2272 x. 4223


View the Town's current Official Plan and Zoning By-law 2006-50, as amended