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James Dick Construction - Proposed Erin Pit Extension

Town File Number: RZ 17-02

 Subject Lands: Part of Lots 11 to 13, Concession 6 W.H.S. (Caledon) (Location Map)

Lead Planner: Leilani Lee-Yates, Senoir Development Planner 905-­584-­2272 x. 4228


James Dick Construction Limited has submitted an application to the Town of Caledon Community Services, Planning and Development Department to amend the Town's Zoning By­law to re­zone the subject lands from Agriculture (A1) to Extractive Industrial with Exceptions (MX­X) to permit a proposed gravel pit with aggregate extraction below the groundwater table.

Description and Location of Subject Lands:

The subject lands are located on the east side of Winston Churchill Boulevard, west side of Shaws Creek Road and south of Charleston Sideroad. The subject lands, known municipally as 17869 Winston Churchill Boulevard and 17702 Shaws Creek Road are approximately 125 hectares (309 acres) in area.

Purpose and Effect of the Application:

The purpose of these amendments is to facilitate a proposed new gravel pit operation known as the Erin Pit Expansion. The proposal intends to function as a physical expansion to the existing Erin Pit operation located directly across Winston Churchill Boulevard in the Town of Erin.

The Erin Pit Expansion proposes to transition processing activities from the current Erin Pit operation and extract aggregate below the groundwater table at a maximum combined annual rate of 1.8 million tonnes per year, in conjunction with the existing Erin Pit (the current maximum annual tonnage for the Erin Pit is 925,000 tonnes per year). A conveyor system is proposed to be constructed beneath Winston Churchill Boulevard to facilitate the transitional phasing of processing facilities between the existing pit in the Town of Erin and the proposed Erin Pit Expansion in the Town of Caledon. The proposed haul route for the Erin Pit Expansion will continue to use the same haul routes established for the current Erin Pit operation.

Notice of Application:

Notice of Application, July 13, 2017 (pdf)

Public Meeting - April 3, 2018:

Notice of Public Meeting, dated March 8, 2018 (pdf)

List of Plans, Reports and Studies Materials Submitted in Support of the Application (Complete Date: December 24, 2019):

First Submission Comment Letter, dated April 18, 2019 (pdf)

First Submission Comment Letter Enclosure - Attachments, April 18, 2019 (pdf)

Peer Review Letters

Hydrogeological Impact Assessment

Air Quality Impact Assessment

Environmental Addendum, dated May 23, 2019 (pdf)

Noise Impact Assessment

Visual Impact Report

Draft Zoning By-law Amendment, received December 24, 2019 (pdf)

Aggregate Resources Act Site Plan 1 to 5, received December 24, 2019 (pdf), includes:

  • Existing Features,
  • Operational Plan
  • Operational Plan (Phase Diagrams)
  • Rehabilitation Plan
  • Cross­Section Plan

JDCL Property Map, received December 24, 2019 (pdf)

Retained House Plan and Cross-Sections, received December 24, 2019 (pdf)

Revised Noise Impact Study, dated December 16, 2019 (pdf)

Response to Public Comments Letter, received December 24, 2019 (pdf)

List of Plans, Reports and Studies Materials Submitted in Support of the Application (Complete Date: July 5, 2017):

In accordance with Sections and 6.2.17 of the Town's Official Plan, the following plans, reports and studies have been submitted in support of the application:

Submission Cover Letter, dated April 4, 2017 (pdf)

Zoning By-law Amendment Application Form, recieved April 7, 2017 (pdf)

Draft Zoning By-law Amendment, recieved April 7, 2017 (pdf)

Aggregate Resources Act Site Plan 1 to 5, dated March 29, 2017 (pdf); includes:

  • Existing Features,
  • Operational Plan
  • Operational Plan (Phase Diagrams)
  • Rehabilitation Plan
  • Cross­Section Plan

Planning Justification Report and Aggregate Resources Act Summary Statement, December 2016 (pdf)

Hydrogeological Impact Assessment, prepared by Harden Environmental Services (pdf)

Level ll Natural Environment Technicial Report, prepared by GWS Ecological & Forestry Services Inc. (pdf)

Stage 1-2 Archaeological Assessment, prepared by York North Archaeological Services Inc. (pdf)

Noise Impact Study, dated December 12, 2016 (pdf)

Transportation Impact Study, prepared by Paradigm Transportation Solutions Limited (pdf)

Visual Impact Report, dated November 16, 2016 (pdf)

Air Quality Impact Assessment, prepared by RWDI Consulting Engineers & Scientists (pdf)

Application Status:

The above-­noted application documents are being circulated to internal departments, external agencies and peer review consultants (where applicable) for review and comment.

Once this has review been completed, staff will schedule a Public Meeting. Notification will be issued for this Public Meeting once it has been scheduled. Please note that a recommendation on the applications will not be presented at the Public Meeting.

A final recommendation regarding these applications will be made at a future Council Meeting following the Public Meeting.

Additional Information:

A copy of the proposed applications as well as additional information and material are available for review at the Community Services, Planning and Development Department counter at Town Hall. Office hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

For further information please contact Leilani Lee-Yates, Senior Development Planner, 905-­584-­2272 ext. 4228 or in the Community Services, Planning and Development Department.

Written submissions may be mailed or personally delivered to the Community Services, Planning and Development Department and will become part of the public record for this application.