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Valleywood Fire Hall



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Since 2004, all Caledon firefighters have been trained to provide defibrillation as part of patient care to the residents and visitors of this community. Through generous community contributors, Caledon Fire and Emergency Services has been able to purchase 9 defibrillator units (one per station).

False Alarm Fee Reduction

For property owners or property managers that have been invoiced for a second or subsequent false fire alarm call, the following steps must be taken to have those fees reduced:

  1. Have the fire protection system repaired by a qualified technician / contractor.
  2. Contact Caledon Fire and Emergency Services Fire Prevention Division at (905) 584-2272 x. 4303 or and arrange for an inspection.
  3. Provide a copy of the invoice clearly indicating the repairs have been made, and the invoice paid.
  4. Provide an invoice from the same alarm company showing regular monitoring for the year of the false alarm incident.

All documentation can be provided via email to or to the Fire Inspector attending your property.   

False fire alarms cost all of us

Maintaining all fire protection and alarm systems up to Ontario Fire Code or other applicable standards not only reduces the frequency of false fire alarms. It is the law.   


In 2018, the Town of Caledon achieved the Fire Underwriters Survey upgraded rating and accreditation from the Insurers' Advisory Organization. The Fire Underwriters' Survey currently accredits the Caledon Fire and Emergency Services as meeting the residential requirements for Superior Shuttle Tanker Service within 8 kilometres. For more information contact Fire and Emergency Services at 905.584.2272 x. 4303. Download the accreditation letter (pdf).


Scenes from our latest accreditation test:


The key to survival for both medical and accident victims is early intervention and emergency treatment. Caledon Fire and Emergency Services averages an 8.5 minute response to all areas within the Town. With 9 fire stations strategically situated in the Town and personnel trained in basic life support, Caledon Fire and Emergency Services can provide the necessary attention for the Emergency Care System.

Motor Vehicle Extrications

Extrication is a responsibility that firefighters train for extensively, including the use of the "Jaws of Life". Each station carries a set of Hurst power tools that are carried on the pumper/rescue vehicles. These are heavy hydraulic cutting tools that pry and push the vehicle doors open. With an increase in motor vehicle collisions, Caledon Fire and Emergency Services responds effectively with these tools many times in each year. Firefighters arrive on the scene armed with a vast array of equipment including air bags for the heavy lifting of a vehicle. However, the most valuable tool of all is the ingenuity and training of the firefighters. Extrications are potentially performed not only for motor vehicle collisions, but as a result of a building collapse, or persons caught in machinery.

Motor Vehicle Collisions

In the Region of Peel, the closest emergency response agency may be dispatched to render emergency assistance. Caledon Fire and Emergency Services responds to motor vehicle collisions to provide extrication and rescue, fire prevention and fire control and emergency medical care. We also respond to support or assist the OPP and EMS as required. The Town of Caledon has established a policy to directly bill the owners of vehicles involved in motor vehicle collisions where the fire service responds. All invoices received for our services should be immediately forwarded to your insurance company for payment.

Water Rescue

The Town of Caledon is situated inland from any major bodies of water. However, we have the Humber River that flows from the east to the west of the Town. Also, there are man-made bodies of water in various parks throughout the Town. Caledon Fire and Emergency Services is trained for land-based water rescue incidents that arise, and all 9 fire stations are equipped with land-based water rescue equipment.

The Adult Injury Prevention Network (AIPN)

The Adult Injury Prevention Network (AIPN) offers Seniors' presentations on a variety of injury prevention and well being topics. Their "Take Care Be Aware" DVD features scenarios acted out by seniors and experts, and includes information for preventing financial abuse, falls, fires, burns, first aid information, and tips for moving in with family.


For information contact Gillian Boyd at Fire and Emergency Services at 905.584.2272 x. 4335.