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Persons or organizations wishing to make a public presentation shall submit a request to the Clerk for Council's consideration.  If the request is approved, you will be notified by staff in the Legislative Services Section of Council's decision.

Please note that a maximum of 3 presentations will be permitted at each meeting. A maximum of 10 minutes shall be permitted for each presentation and following each presentation, members of Council may ask questions of the presenter.

Presenters are allocated a maximum of ten (10) minutes shall for the presentation, unless otherwise deemed necessary by the Clerk for educational purposes.  A maximum of 10 slides is recommended for each presentation.

How to Request a Presentation

  1. Complete and submit the Presentation Request Form to the Town Clerk for Council's consideration.
  2. The completed Presentation Request Form can be:
  • dropped off to the Legislative Services Section (3rd floor of Town Hall, 6311 Old Church Road),
  • mailed to Town Hall, Attn: Town Clerk, 6311 Old Church Road, Caledon ON L7C 1J6,
  • faxed to (905) 584-4325, or
  • emailed.

Before the Meeting

Written material, shall be provided to the Legislative Services Section ten (10) days prior to the Meeting in which the presentation will be heard.

The Council Chamber is equipped with computer equipment for presentations. Please contact the Legislative Services Section at (905) 584-2272 x. 2366 or by email to discuss arrangements.

At the Meeting

Each presentation is limited to 10 minutes.  Following your presentation, you may be asked questions by members of Council. Please be aware that all meetings are open to the public and the media, and as such, your comments may be reported in the newspaper, radio or television.

For more information

For assistance regarding presentations to Council, please contact the Town's Legislative Services Section at 905.584.2272 x. 2366 or by email (