Promote Your Business

Promoting your business is just as important as having an innovative idea or creating a sound business plan. Let us help you promote your business and reach new markets.

Business Directory

Add your business to Caledon's business directory.

Host a business opening event

Consider hosting an event to celebrate the opening of your business. Fill out our online form to invite the Mayor and councillors to attend your event. After the opening we will feature your business in our monthly newsletter and through social media.

Put up a sign

If you would like to advertise your business with a permanent or temporary sign, you may need to get a sign permit. Learn more about the rules and regulations for putting up a sign in Caledon.

The Region of Peel offers a Tourism Oriented Directional Signage (TODS) Program. This program allows you to promote your tourism business through roadside signs.

Sponsor an event

Want to get your business name out there? Try sponsoring a community event. Send us an email to learn more about sponsorship opportunities. We will advertise our sponsors throughout the event.