13233 and 13247 Nunnville Road

The Town has received proposed Official Plan Amendment, Draft Plan of Subdivision, and Zoning By-law Amendment applications.

 Current status
  • The Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment were approved by Council on September 29, 2020. The Town draft approved the application on October 9, 2020. All applications are within the appeal period.

Property Description

The subject lands is located at 13233 and 13247 Nunnville Road, on the east side of Nunnville Road, north of the Nunnville Road/Albion Vaughan Road intersection and south of Old King Road.

  • Town File Number(s): POPA 2019-0004, 21T-19001C, and RZ 2019-0005
  • Project Name: Bolton Midtown Developments Inc.
Location - 13233 and 13247 Nunnville Road, Bolton, Ward 5
 Map of Subject Property at 13233 and 13247 Nunnville Road
Official Plan Amendment

The Official Plan Amendment proposes to amend the designation from Special Residential and Environmental Policy Area to Low Density Residential and Environmental Policy Area.

Plan of Subdivision

The proposed development proposes 29 single detached units that will be two storeys in height. The subject site will be accessed through a proposed local street (cul-de-sac) from Nunnville Road. The environmental features will be protected in a separate block and dedicated to the Conservation Authority.

Zoning By-law Amendment

The Zoning By-law Amendment proposes to amend the zoning of the property from Estate Residential - Exception 13 (RE-13) and Environmental Policy Area 1 Zone (EPA1) to Residential One - Exception XXX (R1-XXX), Environmental Policy Area 1 Zone (EPA1) and Environmental Policy Area 1 - Exception 405 (EPA1-405) to implement the proposed development. The R1-XXX introduces site specific standards, including but not limited to, building area and setbacks.

Updates and notices

Material Submitted

Lead Planner

Stephanie McVittie, Acting Manager, Development Review Services
905.584.2272 x. 4253 

Additional Resources

For more information about this matter, or to provide comments, feedback or ask questions,  please contact the Lead Planner at Town Hall from Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.