0 Atchison Drive

The Town of Caledon received Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment applications for 0 Atchison Drive, Caledon East.

Current status:

  • Under Review

Property Description

The subject lands are located in the central portion of Caledon East, north of Old Church Road on the east side of Atchison Drive, across from Town Hall.

  • Town File No.: POPA 18-01 & RZ 18-03
  • Project Name: Pluribus Corp.
  • Location: 0 Atchison Drive, Ward 3

Zoning By-law Amendment

The Zoning By-law Amendment (Draft) rezones the lands from a Village Commercial Exception 507 Zone (CV-507) to a new Village Commercial Exception Zone (CV-XXX) to allow for:

  • increased building height;
  • dwelling units (including ground floor units);
  • non-residential gross floor area and permit reduced building and parking space setbacks;
  • planting strip width; and
  • parking spaces.

The application also proposes to rezone the Open Space Exception 505 Zone (OS-505) to a new Open Space Exception Zone (OS-XXX) to permit a private park and accessory outside display, sales or patio areas associated with the commercial uses in the proposed CV-XXX Zone.

Official Plan Amendment

The Official Plan Amendment (Draft) amends the existing Special Use Area C (Community Focus Area) designation to permit a building height of 5 storeys and increase the maximum total gross floor area of retail commercial uses from 650 square metres to 870 square metres.

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Town and agency comments

Material submitted in support of the application

First Submission 

Second Submission 

For studies that are not available online, you may view the documents at Town Hall by appointment, in the Planning and Development Services Division.