Stormwater Pond Cleanout

Town Hall building

Two stormwater ponds will be cleaned to remove sediment (sand and dirt) and ensure water quality is appropriate for local wildlife.

No road closures are expected. Local access will be maintained.

EXPECTED START: September 27, 2021 | EXPECTED END: May 30, 2022

Ponds to be cleaned

Landsbridge Street Stormwater Management Pond
Location map
Castelli Court Stormwater Management Pond
Location map

Frequently asked questions

Why are the stormwater ponds being cleaned?

Stormwater Management Ponds (SWMPs) are designed to collect runoff water from the local storm sewer system following either a rainfall, snow melting or activities such as watering lawns and washing cars. SWMPs are built to temporarily hold this water, provide treatment to remove the pollutants, and then slowly release it back into our natural waterways.

During this “holding” period, all sediment in the water settle down at the bottom. When the amount of sediment reaches a certain level (30%), the pond is cleaned to restore the quality and amount of clean water which will flow back into those natural waterways.

How will the pond be cleaned?

Before draining the pond, local (aquatic) wildlife are safely relocated. Tree protection fences are put in place wherever required.

The SWMP is then drained and any accumulated sediment is removed. Soil sampling and testing is carried out to ensure the sediment has been removed.

Local (aquatic) wildlife is safely returned once stormwater naturally reaches a level high enough for them to survive.

What is the impact to the public and traffic?

Some operations during the cleanout, such as removing and transporting the sediment, requires use of big machinery and trucks.

Short time road closures may be needed for construction vehicles to enter and exit the area.

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