Profile: Nuvo Iron


We recently met Carlos Pacheco, owner and founder of Nuvo IronTM, at his manufacturing facility in Bolton. Pacheco talked about relocating his business to Bolton, community involvement and the importance of providing excellent customer service.

Tell us about Nuvo IronTM:

We have an array of fence and deck products for residential, commercial and industrial use. Our main start in the industry was to manufacture for the consumer end but we quickly expanded to selling to dealers and contractors, and now we have a multinational presence. We sell our products across Canada but we are also well-entrenched in the U.S market. We have a small operational base in Mexico and we are actively pursuing opportunities for more trade shows in that region.

What is Nuvo IronTM’s business model?

The company is constantly evolving. Nuvo IronTM’s business model includes providing products to the wholesale market and soliciting urban designers and architects to be part of capital projects; we find out what they need and make it. We also have partnerships with retail giants that include Rona and Lowes in Canada. Across the border in the U.S, we supply products to Kents and Maynard Outdoor store. Besides having a huge outdoor sales force, we constantly check how our displays look, we keep an eye on inventory, and we follow up and make sure we are there for any service that’s required from us. There is something behind our growth; it is the right product and great customer service.

Why did you choose Caledon as a place to establish your business?

We needed a larger space. Moving to a bigger facility in Bolton allows us to store inventory more conveniently and has given us room to grow our production. Caledon’s strategic location makes it a great base for operations and for an easy commute for everyone who works here. Relocating our business to Caledon was a good decision.  I have since moved here myself, it’s a great town.

How do you differentiate your business from the competitors?

A main part of our offering is that we have a huge outside sales force; it allows us to respond quickly and always scan for quality control, check displays and replenishment needs. Another primary part of our focus is to provide products that are contractor approved. We also take additional steps, like providing corrosion resistant services. This business is not about us, it’s about our clients and we want a true relationship with our dealers. I believe our vision and our values need to be aligned. At the end of the day, our customers are the ones who will stand behind the product because they use it and they know it.

Tell us about some of the community engagement initiatives?

We encourage team participation, involvement, and engagement. In partnership with Caledon Community Services, we have participated in various community initiatives by providing support through volunteer hours and donations for projects such as The Exchange. Last year, Nuvo IronTM completed a $25000 pledge in support of Peel Memorial. We have a very dedicated staff and I believe team building leads to better results.

What are your future plans for the company?

I have a very clear vision for the next 5 years and my team understands what the objectives are. For the last several months we have been evaluating our products because we want to bring manufacturing back to Canada. Once the steps are complete, millions of dollars’ worth of manufacturing will be brought to Caledon and there will be an increase in employment as well. Our future plan also includes growing our product line and researching what our customers want. If it’s customized innovation they want, we are prepared to provide a variety of products.

HAVE YOU HEARD? To raise funds for the Caledon Animal Shelter, Nuvo Iron™ has teamed up with the Town of Caledon to bring the Furry Friends 5K to Bolton

They will be hosting a 5K Walk/Run on Sunday, June 10th at Humberview Secondary School with proceeds going to Caledon Animal Services.

Nuvo Iron™ is the leading provider of iron fence and ornamental accessories in North America. They manufacture an array of quality fence and deck products and distribute to major retailers and fence installers across the globe. Currently Nuvo IronTM has about 40 full-time employees in addition to an outdoor sales team.