Notice of Completion - Whispering Pines SWMF

Whispering Pines Location Map

The Town of Caledon (the Town) has initiated a Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) Schedule A+ study of three Storm Water Management (SWM) facilities that service the Whispering Pines subdivision on Cranston Road between Mountainview Road and Airport Road. The facilities were constructed over 30 years ago to control stormwater quantity and quality. The facilities are reported to be underperforming, and the purpose of this Class EA is to identify the cause(s) of the poor performance and to evaluate alternative solutions to retrofit the facilities. Ecosystem Recovery Inc. had been retained by the Town to complete the study.

The study identified alternatives to improve and manage stormwater management concerns in the study area. Through public consultation and a technical review of alternatives, preferred alternative solutions were selected and concepts were developed for the alternatives to move towards a detailed design and construction phase of the project.


The Class EA study was completed in accordance with the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act and will cover all necessary phases of the Schedule ‘A+’ EA Process. The Schedule ‘A+’ process applied to municipal projects regarding normal maintenance and operational activities. This process also included public engagement, and there was opportunity throughout the process for public input, including a Public Information Centres (PIC) which took place on October 15, 2019. The preferred alternatives for each SWMF are:

  • SWMF 29: Re-Establish design intent, improve drainage and sediment capture conditions. The design intent will be re-established through increasing the size of the infiltration well to infiltrate runoff faster, and sediment capture conditions will be improved through implementing an Oil and Grit Separator (OGS) and vegetated filter strips. An OGS will be installed on-line the inlet pipe and vegetated filter strips will be implemented to provide water quality treatment of runoff to enable the SWMF to qualify for Environmental Compliance Approval from the MECP.
  • SWMF 30: Complete maintenance works and implement an Oil and Grit Separator (OGS) upstream of the SWMF inlet. Maintenance works involve cleaning sediment accumulation from the inlet area of the SWMF. An OGS will be installed on-line the inlet pipe to provide water quality treatment of runoff to enable the SWMF to qualify for Environmental Compliance Approval from the MECP.
  • SWMF 36: Complete maintenance works and restore design conditions. This solution involves repairing and replacing damage conveyance culverts as required and excavating the percolation pit to restore the required storage volumes for the SWMF to function in accordance with the original SWM report.
Project Report

With the completion of the study, the Project File Report has been prepared and will be available for public and agency review. 

Contact the project manager to request a copy.

If you have any accessibility requirements in order to be able to comment on the above report, please contact the Project Manager.


Margi Sheth
Senior Project Manager, Stormwater
Town of Caledon
905-584-2272 ext. 4258

Wolfgang Wolter
Senior Project Manager
Ecosystem Recovery Inc.

Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Environmental Assessment Act, unless otherwise stated in the submission, any personal information such as name, address, telephone number and property location included in a submission will become part of the public record files for this matter and may be released, if requested, to any person.