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Snow Removal

Snow Removal Details


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Did you know? It's 1,577km from Caledon to Moncton. This is approximately the same number of lane kilometers our road operators drive (combined) in just ONE pass during winter storm/snowfall to clear and salt roads in Caledon. Sometimes our crews make multiple passes around the Town.

It takes staff approximately eight hours after the end of a typical winter storm/snowfall to complete the clearing of snow from the 1542 lane kilometers that make up our local roads. During a larger winter storm/snowfall it can take much longer to clear snow.

When removing snow, plows store snow in various locations, permanently or temporarily. Another crew then heads out overnight to remove snow from any temporary locations. They do their best to try and accommodate various types of snow removal requests.

During a winter storm/snowfall, 60 dedicated winter maintenance staff clear/maintain Town roads. Staff are scheduled over two shifts to ensure 24-hour coverage - the primary goal? To clear main, higher volume roads first.

We ask that motorists and pedestrians exercise caution and take extra time to reach your destination.

Parking may be restricted during storms and clean-up operations. Learn more about winter parking restrictions


Local Roads
The Town of Caledon provides winter operations, sanding, and plowing on our roads. Town and contracted equipment patrol, plow, and spread de-icers on our roads based on the legal responsibility outlined in the Ministry of Transportation Minimum Maintenance Standards and the Highway Traffic Act.

All road operators have specific routes that they are responsible for during winter storm/snowfall . Major roads used by the majority of the drivers and emergency vehicles are winter maintained first, followed by residential roads.

Routes are planned such that all Town-owned roads, including residential roads, are winter maintained approximately every four to six hours during winter storm/snowfall. During a larger winter storm/snowfall it can take much longer to clear snow.

Regional Roads
The Region of Peel provides winter maintenance for the arterial road system in Caledon. These arterial roads are designed and maintained to handle higher volumes and high speed traffic. The Region of Peel's winter maintenance service level is very high and it is recommended that during winter driving conditions, the Regional road system be used for any trips other than local destination trips. Follow @PeelPublicWorks on Twitter.

Salt and Chloride Management
Chlorides can be detrimental to the environment and infrastructure. The Town of Caledon has and will continue to take initiatives to effectively use chlorides and reduce the environmental impacts of their use.



All sidewalk routes are to be plowed within 48 hours of the end of a significant winter storm/snowfall.


As you clear snow from your driveway, please keep it on your property. Placing snow on municipal roads will result in a fine. Pursuant to Section 68 of Traffic By-law 2015-58 Town of Caledon Traffic By-law, and Section 181 of The Ontario Highway Traffic Act, 1990, placing snow on roadways can result in fines ranging from $105.00 to $5,000.00, depending on the circumstances.

On the first occurance, a notification letter will be issued to the homeowner as a friendly reminder to please refrain from pushing snow onto the road way. This letter will highlight details on each By-law.The Town's goal is to ensure voluntary compliance with the legislation as we recognize that some members of the public may not be aware of these regulations.

Windrow (snow left at the bottom of the driveway)

Windrows, or the snow left at the bottom of the driveway after road crews have cleared the travelled portion of the road, are unavoidable. The homeowner is responsible for clearing the windrow.

Please be respectful of other users of the road and do not place snow from your private property onto the roadway. Snow left on the roadway can cause serious injury to drivers and often requires plow operators to return to push the snow back, at an additional cost to Caledon taxpayers.


Just a reminder: during winter snow clearing operations, the Town of Caledon will only assume responsibility for mailboxes that are hit by our snowplows.

We do NOT replace or repair mailboxes that are

  • knocked off by the snow,
  • that are in poor condition as a result of age or vandalism, or
  • do not meet the Town of Caledon standard.

Mailbox provision, installation and maintenance are solely the responsibility of the owner.