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Keeping our Neighbourhoods Safe

The Town of Caledon regulates traffic to ensure the safe and efficient movement of traffic and pedestrians. Below is an explanation of some of the most common parking rules.

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parking on the sidewalk


Vehicles parked in driveways shall not block a sidewalk. 

This is to ensure that vehicles don't pose a danger to those using the sidewalk by getting in the way of  strollers, wheelchairs and pedestrians.


Parked vehicles shall not overhang the curb, grassed areas or obstruct the boulevard in any way. Doing this can cause a dangerous problem for traffic.

If necessary, the vehicle may be parked parallel to the curb on the part of the driveway between the sidewalk and the road so long as it does not block the road or the sidewalk and is not on the grass or landscaped area.


Parking on the front lawn or any grassed area of a property is not permitted. Vehicles parked on the front lawn can damage the lawn, detract from the streetscape and allow automotive fluids (i.e. gas, oil) to leak into the soil and groundwater.

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Accessible parking spaces are required at all public facilities to ensure that people with disabilities are able to access businesses and services within our community in a safe and effective manner.  These parking spaces are wider than a normal space to accommodate a vehicle as well as a wheelchair.  Please be considerate and leave these spaces open for individuals who need them.  The fine for parking in a signed accessible parking space is $350.00 and is proactively enforced.

Fall Colours

Many of our small hamlets are popular destinations during the fall season and our picturesque roads can become very busy. During the fall colours season we increase our enforcement presence to ensure that visitors and residents can safely travel our roads.   

Experience the Fall Colours in Caledon

Fire Routes

Fire routes ensure that firefighters have unobstructed access to a building in the event of a fire.  It also allows people to exit a building quickly without being blocked by vehicles.  Fire routes are located in most plazas, commercial buildings, and schools. Stopping or parking  a vehicle -- whether the driver is in the vehicle or not -- is not permitted and is strictly enforced.  The only exception to this rule is if you are actively engaged in dropping off or picking up a passenger or goods.  It does NOT include waiting for a passenger to arrive, whether a child at school or someone shopping.

Overnight Parking

Our traffic by-law prohibits overnight parking on the street.  You may apply for an exemption, however, when you are not able to accommodate cars in your driveway if you have overnight guests or you are doing repairs to your driveway.  

Apply for Overnight Parking Exemption

School Zones

Please respect posted speed limits, traffic signs and parking restrictions in school areas. Fines of up to $5,000 may be issued!

The streets around a school are a hub of activity. In addition to daily commuters passing by, school buses arrive twice each day - in the morning to drop children off and again to pick them up in the afternoon. Many children also walk to school or ride their bikes. And, children being children, they do not always pay attention to the vehicular dangers around them.

For these reasons, streets surrounding our schools are designated "No Stopping" zones.  This ensures that drivers have a clear, unobstructed view of all pedestrian traffic in the area.

Parents and guardians who bring their children to school by car are not exempt from these rules, even in adverse weather conditions.

Parking or stopping for even a minute in a "No Stopping" zone endangers the lives of other children. This is a serious offence and will be strictly enforced by the Town's parking control officers.

The Town of Caledon wants to ensure the children of our community can safely get to and from school. 

If you must drive your child to school:

  • Pre-arrange where you will drop off and pickup your child. Consider a nearby parking lot or area away from the school that is not within the restricted parking zone.

  • Please us "kiss and ride" areas if they are provided.
  • Be courteous to other children and their parents/guardians. Aggressive, hurried driving does not belong.
  • Carpool with other parents to reduce traffic flow - and save time and fuel, too.
  • Purchase weather-appropriate clothing and encourage your children to walk to school where possible.
  • Be patient and drive with caution at all times. Children are not good judges of a vehicle's speed. Young pedestrians or cyclists can be unpredictable and can divert off the sidewalk onto the road at any time.


Sidewalks need to be kept free of obstructions so that residents can safely walk without having to travel on the road.  If you block a sidewalk with your vehicle, that presents a serious obstacle for people with mobility issues. It also means that sidewalk plows have a very difficult time clearing snow.


Residents are requested to not clear snow from your driveway onto the road,  which can obstruct traffic and even result in a vehicle loosing control. Please deposit snow onto your own property and not into ditches or the road allowance.

Learn more about winter parking restrictions


If you have questions or require more information, please contact Reglatory Services at 905.584.2272 x. 3462 or by email.