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Ghost Hamlets

Ontario has many communities that, after their initial settlement of farms, barns and other residences and some service buildings like a church, general store, blacksmith shop or inn, failed to surpass a critical population size of more than a hundred inhabitants and lost their village nature. Much of this happened between the end of the 19th Century and the First World War.

For various reasons the number of their standing residences declined or was reduced to none. They are often referred to as ghost hamlets.  In some cases a few overgrown foundations may be all that’s left or they may have disappeared entirely.

We are fortunate in Caledon that our settlements that failed to prosper were often quite far from historical urban centres and so did not early succumb to salvage, urban sprawl and road widening. Happily they can still be located and visited and have much of interest to tell us about our pioneer past.

For more information, see the Ghost Hamlets on the Caledon Community Map.