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LED Street Light Image

The Town is Expanding its LED Streetlight Program!

As recommended in the Town's Corporate Energy Management Plan (pdf), the Town is working with the Region of Peel to expand its streetlight LED retrofit program to Regional roadways. 

Approximately 600 cobrahead style streetlights will be converted to LED during the summer and early spring of 2017.

LED Streetlights to be converted (pdf)

In 2015, the Town retrofitted approximately 1,500 cobrahead style streetlights on Town owned roads to LED. The result of this retrofit was almost one million kWh in savings and over $150,000 in energy incentives.

LED Streetlights converted in 2015 (pdf)

LED Lighting: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the Town of Caledon doing and LED Streetlight Upgrade?
In response to Provincial energy reporting requirements and to support the Town's green leadership record, the Town has been piloting exterior LED lighting in parking lots and outside of Town facilities since 2009 with positive results.

Specifically, the Province's Green Energy Act regulation mandates that the Town create an energy conservation and demand management plan for its facilities. The Town expanded this requirement and included within its 2014 Corporate Energy Management Plan Update an action to retrofit the Town's streetlights to LED due to the anticipated energy and greenhouse gas emissions savings.

Why now? LED street lighting technology has seen major improvements and costs have stabilized.

2. Why is the Town of Caledon only converting some of the streetlights to LED?
The Town plans to take a multi-year phased approach on converting its streetlights to LED. 
In 2015, the Town retrofitted approximately 1,500 streetlights and is expanding the program 
Currently, the Town is partnering with the Region to retrofit an additional 600 cobra head streetlights, with the majority on Regional-owned roads. The next phase of the streetlight retrofit program will be a decorative streetlight and adaptive control pilot project. This will take place in 2017 to inform the business case and eventual budget request to retrofit decorative streetlights to LED throughout the Town. The price of LED decorative street lighting is still in fluctuation, as such, this next phase is dependent on pricing and budget approval.

3. What are LEDs?
LED stands for light-emitting diode and is considered a very energy efficient form of lighting technology. LEDs are semi-conductor devices that emit light when an electric current passes through them. They also have a much longer life span; LEDs typically last up to 100, 000 hours and consume 40-60% less electricity than typical High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Street lights.

For more information on LED lighting click here.

4. What are the benefits of LED Streetlights?
The benefits of LED lighting for streetlights over typical HPS or Mercury Vapour lamps are vast. Some of the key benefits are outlined below:

  • Lower energy consumption: Typically LED lighting retrofits can result in up to 40-60% energy savings
  • Longer Lifespan: LED lights do not typically burn out. Instead they lose brightness over time, while lasting much longer than HPS or Mercury Vapour lighting. LEDs are expected to last up to 100, 000 hours, reducing the maintenance costs of street lights
  • More Accurate Colour Rendering: Colour rendering is a measurement of how well a light source correctly reproduces the colours of an object in comparison to an ideal light source. LEDs have a much more accurate colour rendering index
  • Environmental Impact: LEDs don't contain mercury or lead
  • Ability to quickly turn on and off the luminaires
  • LEDs have dimming capabilities which are beneficial for when and where less street lighting is required
  • Enhanced safety: through more directional lighting and better colour rendering (areas are better lit with better visibility of colours and objects)

 5. How many streetlights are being replaced in 2017?
Approximately 600 streetlights are being retrofitted.

6. How do I know what streetlights are being replaced?
A map outlining the streetlights that are being retrofitted to LED is available at:

LED Streetlights to be converted

7. When will the streetlight conversion take place?
The LED Streetlight conversion program will begin early June 2017 and is expected to be completed by September 2017.

8. Are other municipalities converting their streetlights to LED?
Yes- Caledon is not alone in its LED streetlight program. Over 100 Ontario municipalities (i.e. Barrie, Mississauga, Hamilton, Innisfil, Owen Sound) and many throughout Canada are upgrading to LED street lighting technology due to the anticipated energy savings, reduced maintenance costs and improved lighting quality benefits.

9. What is the Town of Caledon doing with the older HPS streetlights it is replacing?
The existing streetlights that are being removed will be recycled at qualified environmental disposal centres, helping to divert waste and harmful chemicals from our landfills.

10. How can LED lighting help improve safety in my community?
Traditional HPS streetlights disperse light in a variety of directions. LED streetlights are much more directional and are dark sky compliant. The light emitted from LED's are more directional, with concentrated light on the road and sidewalk space. This results in a better light source providing motorists and pedestrians with improved clarity and visibility to identify objects and colours at night.

11. What About the Colour of the LED Light?
The Town and Region are using International Dark Sky Certified Fixtures for the streetlight retrofit program. IDA provides third party certification of LED lights that minimize glare, reduce light trespass, and doesn't pollute the night sky.

12. Do LEDs contain mercury?
No. LEDs do not contain mercury.

13. How do I report a burnt out streetlight, or a streetlight that is on during the day?
Please contact the Town of Caledon's Finance and Infrastructure Services Department at If you don't have access to e-mail, please call 905-584-2272 and your call will be directed.

If you are walking and notice that the streetlight is out, kindly take note the Town of Caledon ID number that is placed on the pole. If this isn't visible, please reference the closest address or landmark to the streetlight so the Town can correct the issue. 


Corporate Energy Management Planplan

Through conservation, increased efficiency and alternative fuel options, the Town of Caledon has targeted energy as a key sector to engage in environmental action. 

Leading change by example the Town's Corporate Energy Management Plan (1,879 kb, pdf), approved by Council in 2010, is a three-year outline that positions the Town among the leaders in energy management, while providing the Municipality with the tools and direction to meet the upcoming regulatory requirements of the Green Energy and Green Economy Act

The plan sets five distinct goals, illustrating the Town's commitment to energy management:

  1. Reduce the environmental impact of the Town's operations;
  2. Maximize fiscal resources through direct and indirect energy savings;
  3. Increase the comfort and safety of staff and patrons at Caledon facilities;
  4. Improve the reliability of Town equipment and reduce maintenance; and,
  5. Provide the leadership and guidance necessary for the adoption of a culture of sustainability.

The Climate Change Action Plan also targets energy as an important sector to engage in achieving the Town's target for greenhouse gas reduction.  The Town of Caledon has also been in talks with Energy sector stakeholders to build strategies to effectively implement the targets outlined in the action plan in order to promote the use of efficient and environmentally responsible energy in future development. 

As per Ontario Regulation 397/11, the Town is required to report it's facility energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions data to the Provincial Ministry of Energy by July, 1 of every year. See below for the Town's most recent submission to the Province.

2018 O. Reg 397/11 Submission:  2016 reporting

Green Building Standard

The Town of Caledon Corporate Green Building Standard sets out the Town of Caledon's commitment to incorporate sustainable building design principles into the planning, design, and construction of new municipal buildings and major renovations of existing buildings. Sustainable building design can lead to monetary savings, reduced environmental impact and a healthier and a more productive working environment. 

Town of Caledon Corporate Green Building Standard (pdf)

Race to Reduce

Race to ReduceThe Town of Caledon has joined the 'Race to Reduce' challenge.  This four-year challenge run by the Greater Toronto Civic Action Alliance aims to reduce total energy use in participating private and public office buildings by 10%. 

Race to Reduce is a unique Greening Greater Toronto program that represents unprecedented collaboration between office building landlords and tenants to encourage smart energy use.  It encourages behavioral and positive team-building amongst landlords, tenants and their employees. 

The Town has committed to lead the community in energy savings practices with Town Hall now as part of the Race to Reduce.  Town Hall will have energy monitoring software soon added so that both public and staff will be able to see our energy use in real time.  Over the course of the race you will be able to monitor the Towns efforts to improve the efficiency of the building.  Come see our energy use! Check back often as we continue to improve the facility!


For more information, please write to us at or call 905.584.2272.