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Community-Based Strategic Plan


The Town of Caledon's first Community-Based Strategic Plan and Vision lays the foundation for Caledon's sustainable and vibrant future!

What is the CBSP?

In order to achieve continued economic, social, and environmental success in the Town of Caledon, a plan was developed that will guide us 10 years into the future. Residents, businesses, and institutions in the Caledon Community were invited to share their thoughts and dreams for the future of Caledon. By sharing your insight, we can ensure that the vision, goals, and strategies for the future of Caledon reflect the views and desires of people that work, live, and grow here!


Caledon -- a safe, green community of communities, desiring a sustainable future by managing and fostering community progress while respecting its heritage.


Six goals were identified to carry the Town through 2020:

Goal 1 

Partner with land owners and community to preserve, protect and enhance our environment and agricultural resources and natural capital


Continue to live green and be responsible stewards of the environment and promote Caledon as a leader in sustainability.


Goal 2 

Complete our Community of Communities


Facilitate development of a safe, beautiful, connected and vibrant community of communities based on sound planning principles.


Goal 3 

Live Healthy


Promote active, healthy living for people of all ages and abilities by providing the necessary programs and facilities that foster wellness and leisure.


Goal 4 

Value and promote culture, heritage and the arts


Honour and preserve the rich natural agricultural and built heritage of Caledon and foster a dynamic cultural community by encouraging residents to engage in the arts.


Goal 5 

Cultivate a Diverse and Prosperous Economy


Foster a diverse, prosperous economy by attracting and retaining employment and providing the required environment for businesses to thrive.


Goal 6 

Provide Strong Governance and Community Engagement


Commitment to sound, transparent municipal governance and open communication.



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Community-Based Strategic Plan

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