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Climate Change

Partners for Climate Protection

Climate change is a long-term change in temperature and weather patterns due to increased greenhouse gas emissions, largely caused by human activity. As a member of Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) - a network of 200+ Canadian Municipalities who have committed to climate change action, the Town of Caledon has made reducing greenhouse gas emissions a priority.

PCP has outlined five milestones for participating municipalities which the Town has fullfilled 

Milestone Description Town Status
1. Create GHG emissions inventory and forecast Summary of community and corporate energy use, to estimate GHG emissions in a given year; forecast projects future emissions based on assumptions about population, economic growth, and fuel mix. Completed
 2. Set emissions reductions target  Target to reduce GHG emissions, to form the basis of the Town’s program objectives and to provide a starting point from which to track progress.  Completed
3. Develop local action plan  A strategic document outlining how the Town will achieve its GHG emissions reduction target (Corporate Energy Management Plan, Community Climate Change Action Plan)  Completed
4. Implement local action plan  Putting the plan into motion and maintaining momentum through individual projects and stakeholder engagement.  Completed
5. Monitor and report  Tracking the results of specific actions and projects undertaken, and reporting on results and stakeholder engagement.  Completed

Joining in 2003, the Town has since fulfilled all milestones, conducting an extensive inventory of emissions, setting short and long term goals for reduction and producing the Community Climate Change Action Plan (1,047 kb, pdf).

Community Climate Change Action Plan

The Action Plan was created with the partnership of local stakeholders and community working groups and is progressive and wide reaching, covering transportation, green development, energy, schools, agriculture, community awareness, tree planting and naturalization, waste, local food and longer term actions.  The twenty-one page guide outlines environmental initiatives, bringing together proposed actions, targets and responsibilities, to ensure effective implementation. 

The current greenhouse gas reduction target is set at 17% below 2006 emission levels by 2021. To achieve this goal the Town is currently working on milestone #4, implementation of the action plan.  Working with stakeholders in the various sectors outlined in the plan, and engaging the local community, Climate Change is a priority consideration in local activity. View the Other Resources page for information about what you can do imporve climate change.

Peel Climate Change Strategy

The Town of Caledon has also collaborated with the Region of Peel, Mississauga, Brampton, and the conservation authorities in the development the Peel Climate Change Strategy (701 kb, pdf). The strategy calls for an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emission below 1990 levels.

To achieve this target, the plan outlines a range of mitigation actions that are to be taken by the Region and municipalities. In addition to climate change mitigation, the Peel strategy recognizes the need climate change adaption actions.


For more information, please write to us at or call 905.584.2272.