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Rentals and Insurance

Finding a Venue

The Town of Caledon offers many great locations to host your next meeting, event or sporting activity. You can even celebrate your next birthday or special occasion with us! Choose from a variety of party packages at various locations. More information: Themed Party Packages.

For more information about Town facilities visit our Facility Finder or view our at-a-glance Facility Rental Chart.

Rental Request Form

Once availability has been determined, a Rental Request Form must be completed. There are two types of forms:

  • One Time – The rental is a one-time booking or on an occasional basis (i.e. birthday party, family baseball game)
  • Seasonal – Rentals that are on an on-going or seasonal basis (i.e. meeting on 1st Friday every month). Please see the Seasonal Application Timelines listed below.

One-Time Rental Request form            Seasonal Rental Request form

A completed form can be sent by choosing the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the form, or by emailing the completed form to  

Seasonal Application Timelines

Facility Type


Application Deadline

Rooms and Halls


September - August


March 31th of current year




September - April


March 31st of current year


Arenas and Floors


April - August


November 15th of previous year


Swimming Pools



September - June

July - August


March 1st of current year

November 15th of previous year


Outdoor Facilities


May - October

(weather permitting)

 January 31st of current year


Special Events

There are many different types and sizes of Special Events. In order to run a successful event you may be required to obtain additional permits or documents in order to adhere to local, provincial and federal legislation. The Special Event Organizer Information Guide will help you get you started.

Special Event Organizer Information Guide


Alcohol is permitted during rentals at specific Town locations. All rentals involving alcohol must comply with the Municipal Alcohol Policy & Procedures and facility rental users must complete an Event Organizer Agreement. A Special Occasion Permit must also be obtained from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and all servers must be Smart Serve Certified.


All facility rental users and third parties (i.e. vendors, caterers, performers, etc.) are required to carry liability insurance when using Town owned or operated property. Insurance requirements vary on the type of rental and activities taking place. For more information on insurance limits see the Facility Permit Insurance Requirements.

Facility agreement holders have two options when providing liability insurance to the Town:

Option 1: Facility Agreement Holder’s Insurance Policy

A liability insurance policy may be purchased from any insurance provider of the facility agreement holder’s choice. A mandatory Certificate of Insurance Coverage form must be completed by the insurance broker and submitted to the Town of Caledon for proof of coverage. The Town will not accept any other form for insurance coverage.

Option 2: Liability Insurance Program

Facility agreement holders may purchase insurance through the Liability Insurance Program offered by Warren Hill Risk Management and Insurance Services Broker Inc. This program provides a straightforward and affordable avenue for users to obtain liability insurance protection. Learn more about the program: Facility Rental User Insurance Information.

Insurance Rates

Please refer to the Facility User Rating Guide for details on current insurance rates

For further insurance coverage information please contact:

Warren Hill Risk Management and Insurance Services Broker Inc.
105-2420 Meadowpine Blvd, Mississauga, ON, L5N 6S2
289-801-9839 | Toll Free: 1-855-202-7132
After Hours / Weekends: 647-625-3003


For more information on rentals, please contact: 
905-584-2272 x. 7327

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