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Adults 55+ Strategic Plan

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Goal 1: Human and Financial Resources

Goal 2: Age-in-Place

Goal 3: Social Integration

Goal 4: Programs

Goal 5: Outreach

Goal 6: Transportation

The Town of Caledon Adults 55+ Strategic Plan is a long-term, community-driven strategic plan designed to address the issues faced by residents of Caledon, over the age of 55.  

This document highlights goals and recommendations, along with an implementation plan to address the need for programs and services to serve the requirements of those aged 55 and over in the municipality.

Adults 55+ Strategic Plan - Background Report

Goal 1: To Ensure the Human and Financial Resources are Available to Support the Strategy

1.1 Hire a Co-ordinator to oversee Town programs and services for those aged 55 and over

Deliverables & Implementation

  • Investigate neighbouring municipalities to determine approach of dedicated staff resources
  • Prepare job description and hire a staff resource to support and implement the Strategic Plan

1.2 Undergo an Organizational Review by Department outlining how the Strategy will impact resources      needed for implementation for consideration in future budgets

Deliverables & Implementation

  • Develop a reference tool that outlines the role and resources available and/or needed from each Department in the successful implementation of the Strategic Plan

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Goal 2: To Ensure Caledon Residents can Age-in-Place

2.1 Advocate and initiate housing options that support all needs, including but not limited to financial, social and physical abilities

Deliverables & Implementation

  • Strengthen the Official Plan regarding the inclusion of universal designed homes
  • Ensure that each new subdivision housing development application includes a model home that is a universal designed house following the Principles and Features of Universal Design as referenced by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
  • Research possible incentive initiatives that can be provided for the implementation of bungalow style homes in new subdivision housing developments
  • Meet with non-profit groups and interested developers to build some prototype "aging in place" developments for seniors with smaller ground-related dwellings on smaller lots
  • Explore the life lease housing model with providers of life lease projects in the Greater Toronto Area to determine its financial feasibility as a housing option in the Town. Depending on the results, work with providers of the model to support the implementation in the Town.
  • Advocate to the Province of Ontario on the need for changes to the Ontario Building Code that reflect standard universal designed features such as paddle style door handles
  • Work with the Region of Peel and other community agencies to collaborate and share resources regarding accessible housing options to increase awareness to the public of the various options available
  • Work with Supportive Housing in Peel to explore expansion opportunities of the Assisted Living Program and other Programs that support seniors to age in place in the community
  • Promote the existing Second Unit and Garden Suite Official Plan Policy

2.2 Enlist the Region of Peel and other applicable Community Agencies in providing a comprehensive assessment of human services not readily available in Caledon but in demand

Deliverables & Implementation

Part 1:

  • Work with staff from the Region of Peel to develop a comprehensive list of services provided and available to Caledon residents with a focus on the need for additional Supportive Housing unit, taking account proximity of service
  • Examine the list to determine any service gaps and work with the Region to remove the identified gaps

Part 2:

  • Work with local community agencies to develop a comprehensive list of services provided with a focus on proximity of service
  • Examine the list to determine any service gaps and work with the community agencies to remove the identified gaps

*Examine duplication of services to determine potential partnerships

2.3 Identify Town owned sites where a potential Older Adult Housing First Policy can be promoted and implemented

Deliverables & Implementation

Housing First Policy means that the first priority in the decision making process respecting surplus or potentially surplus municipally-owned real property should be affordable housing developments, this can be extended to include the provision of older adult housing

  • Identify and assess Town owned and leased sites available for sale for the implementation of an Older Adult Housing First Policy
  • Assessment shall include a review of the proximity of services and amenities available
  • Gather information on the identified sites including Official Plan designation, zoning, etc. (make this document available to the public to assist and encourage developers who are interested in building this form of housing)

2.4 Work to streamline the application process to facilitate the development of adult lifestyle and retirement projects in Caledon

Deliverables & Implementation

  • Research other municipalities to determine the approach used to facilitate the development of adult lifestyle and retirement projects.
  • Review current practices within the Development Area to determine how processes can be altered to support and promote the development of adult lifestyle and retirement projects to encourage such developments in Caledon.

2.5 Investigate the feasibility of establishing a Property Tax Deferral Program

Deliverables & Implementation

  • Research other municipalities to determine the type and availability of Property Tax Deferral Programs
  • Determine the feasibility of establishing a Property Tax Deferral Program based on a model suitable for the Town

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Goal 3: To Ensure Adults Aged 55 and over are socially integrated in the Community

3.1 Build on current stationed programs by looking at ways to provide key programs in each village and potentially within established older adult housing complexes

Deliverables & Implementation

  • Identify programs and services currently offered in each village to identify gaps. Where gaps exist, determine if additional programs and services can be provided through partnership initiatives
  • Perform an inventory of village centres (community centres, parks, housing complexes, etc.) to determine what additional programs can be introduced in those village centres
  • Work with local community agencies to enhance transportation services for each area to encourage participation
  • Work with local community agencies to enhance communication measures of programs offered within each village
  • Identify locations throughout the Town, such as parks/along trails where additional public seating is warranted
  • Introduce "seniors playgrounds" in various parks throughout the Town

3.2 Ensure programs, services and amenities are accessible for persons with disabilities

Deliverables & Implementation

  • Continue to remove high priority barriers within each facility to provide a high level of accessibility for program use
  • Promote the availability of accessible accommodations, upon request, for all programs
  • Assess sidewalks and crossing areas in the Town to ensure good repair, develop a plan of action based on findings to element areas of concern and maintain compliance with accessibility standards
  • Request that the Region of Peel perform an audit of all sidewalks, traffic crossing areas and controls under their jurisdiction in Caledon, to ensure good repair and to develop a plan of action based on findings to element areas of concern and maintain compliance with accessibility standards

3.3 Encourage and support intergenerational opportunities

Deliverables & Implementation

  • Identify intergenerational programming opportunities that can be provided at Town facilities, working with community agencies to implement this initiative
  • Explore program opportunities with local schools to promote healthy relationship building between youth and seniors

3.4 Identify locations throughout the Town, such as parks, trails and pathways where additional seating and rest areas would be beneficial to the needs of persons with mobility issues

Deliverables & Implementation

  • Examine current parks and trails that require additional seating and benches - refer to the Accessibility Audit Reports completed on each Park for findings
  • Create a Plan to add more seating areas along trails and in parks - set priority areas based on frequency of use
  • Investigate alternative methods to finance new seating and benches, such as naming rights and donations
  • Advocate to local conservation authorities to add more seating areas along conservation trails and parks

3.5 Develop a program to assist older adults in the winter months with snow clearing maintenance

Deliverables & Implementation

  • Research neighbouring municipalities to determine potential programs available
  • Collaborate findings and report back to Council regarding a preferred option for consideration
  • Develop an awareness campaign to encourage residents to assist older adults in snow removal

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Goal 4: To Enhance Programs and Services for Adults Aged 55 and Over and to Continue to Participate and Support Existing Partnerships and Form New Ones

4.1 Develop and maintain a comprehensive list of organizations that provide services and programs; develop and maintain a list of current and potential partnerships that the Town can build on

Deliverables & Implementation

  • Work with the Region of Peel, community agencies and organizations, local newspaper providers that provide services and programs to develop a comprehensive list of what is offered
  • Review the list and explore possible partnership opportunities that can be implemented
  • Develop a plan of action outlining resources needed to implement the identified partnership opportunities
  • Launch a monthly page in the local newspapers that highlights programs, services and information sharing, for those aged 55 and over
  • Launch a quarterly newsletter for distribution through direct mail and email that highlights programs, services and information sharing, for those aged 55 and over.
  • Meet with local seniors groups to determine how the Town can support and assist them with their program initiatives

4.2 Advocate local businesses to encourage special considerations for older adults (for example, special drop-off or parking Areas, discount days, free transportation to and from shopping centres, stores and restaurants)

Deliverables & Implementation

  • Work with Staff in Economic Development to determine various methods to reach out to local businesses to encourage the development of special services or outing opportunities
  • Pursue identified methods of outreach and request feedback from local businesses based on this initiative to determine the level of uptake
  • Develop promotional material to inform local businesses of the benefits of offering shuttle services to bring adults 55 Plus to their place of business

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Goal 5: To Improve Outreach

5.1 Enhance advertisement opportunities of programs, services and information sharing


  • Increase the frequency of updates to the current Seniors Webpage
  • Schedule calendar to include regular updating reminders Perform an audit of the webpage to determine visitor stats and trends Encourage local groups to provide feedback on the webpage and make adjustments as necessary Position the webpage as a centralized hub with calendars, program information, community information and resources
  • Meet with internal Staff to determine and develop an inventory of the programs and services that can be added or enhanced on the Seniors webpage
  • Advertise the Seniors Webpage through various methods such as social media, newspapers, local newsletters, various guides, etc.
  • Publish a guide and/or incorporate a section in the current Parks and Recreation Leisure Guide focused on Adults 55 Plus that includes information on programs and services available in the community
  • Work with local print media outlets, such as, In The Hills Magazine, CARP and other resources to enhance information sharing and advertising opportunities
  • Increase promotion of the Vulnerable Persons Registry and research methods to enhance the program by working with the Ontario Provincial Police

5.2 Advocate to higher levels of government, for additional financial support

Deliverables & Implementation

  • Advise Council on the need for additional funding support for various initiatives that require additional resources and support from different levels of government
  • Work with Council to lobby for additional and enhanced transportation resources, such as enhanced GO Transit services
  • Provide updates on the Town's Adults 55 Plus Strategic Plan to the local Member of Parliament and the Member of Provincial Parliament for information purposes

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Goal 6: To Support Additional Transportation Resources for Adults Aged 55 and Over in the Community

6.1 To Support Additional Transportation Resources for Adults Aged 55 and Over in the Community

Deliverables & Implementation

  • Meet with Caledon Community Services - Transportation Division to explore pricing model options that encourage social participation
  • Explore and advocate for partnership opportunities with neighbouring public transportation providers such as Brampton Transit, Orangeville Transit
  • Target community fund raising efforts to allocate funds for transportation initiatives and resources
  • Explore partnership opportunities with bus carrier services where a bus is idle during certain hours of the day and can be used to transport users to various activities
  • Lobby the Provincial and Federal Government for additional financial support for transportation initiatives

Additional Information

For further information regarding the Seniors' Task Force please contact at 905-584-2272 x. 4106 or by email to