Seniors Task Force

The Seniors' Task Force (STF) provides Council with guidance and recommendations for implementing the Adult 55+ Strategic Plan and other services for older adults in Caledon. It advocates on behalf of older adult residents to ensure that there is housing, programs and services available in the community.

The Terms of Reference describes the membership as well as their roles and responsibilities. Contact us to request this document.


The Seniors' Task Force consists of ten community members, two community liaisons (appointed by Council) and two members of Council in an advisory role.

Membership in the STF follows the Town of Caledon's Term of Council (2019-2022) and are selected at the beginning of every new term.

Please see the STF Terms of Reference for selection process. 

Meeting schedule

The STF meet as required throughout the year. Meetings are generally held on a bi-monthly  basis or as needed. Meetings are held at Town Hall located at 6311 Old Church Road unless otherwise indicated. 

Please note that during the COVID-19 pandemic, upcoming meetings will take place virtually until further notice. 

Schedule, agendas and summary notes

Meeting agendas and summary notes are provided to members of the committee prior to each meeting. 

Contact us for previous meeting notes.