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Shacca Caledon Holdings Inc. - 16114 Airport Road

Town File No.: 21T-17005C, RZ 17-08, POPA 17-02

  • Location: East: 16114 Airport Road (Location Map)
  • Ward: 3
  • Lead Planner: Leilani Lee-Yates , Senior Development Planner, 905-584-2272 ext. 4228

Applications have been received by the Town of Caledon Development Approval and Planning Policy Department for a Draft Plan of Subdivision, Zoning By-law Amendment and Official Plan Amendment.

Description of Property

The subject lands are located in the northern portion of the Village of Caledon East, north of Walker Road West on the west side of Airport Road. 

Purpose and Effect of the Applications

Draft Plan of Subdivision

The applicant is proposing to subdivide the site into 6 blocks: a 0.84 ha (2.08 acre) residential condominium block for 32 townhouse units; a 0.10 ha (0.26 ac) park block; a 0.56 ha (1.38 acres) retail commercial block consisting of 1,235 m2 (13,294 ft2) of retail commercial space including the adaptive reuse of the existing Alliston’s Grove heritage house; and, three environmental blocks totaling 2.48 ha (6.14 acres) for natural heritage protection, compensation and associated buffer. One full moves access along Airport Road is proposed to the residential townhouse block and two accesses are proposed to the commercial block including one full moves access along Walker Road West and one right in/right out access on Airport Road.  

Please visit the following link to view the Draft Plan of Subdivision - Draft Plan of Subdivision (pdf)

Zoning By-law Amendment

The purpose of the Zoning By-law Amendment is to rezone the lands from the Rural (A2) Zone and Environmental Policy Area 1-Oak Ridges Moraine (EPA 1-ORM) Zone to Residential Townhouse Exception –AAA (RT-AAA) Zone, Village Commercial Exception –BBB (CV-BBB) Zone, Open Space (OS) Zone and Environmental Policy Area 1-Oak Ridges Moraine (EPA 1-ORM) Zone.

Please visit the following link to view the Draft Zoning By-law Amendment - Draft Zoning By-law Amendment (pdf)

Official Plan Amendment

The purpose of the proposed site specific Official Plan amendment is to expand the Environmental Policy Area designation; Re-designate the park to Open Space Policy Area and the Townhouse Block to Medium Density Residential; and, amend the Special Use Area A designation to permit general commercial and commercial service uses. Seniors retirement living uses also proposed for the Medium Density and Special Use Area A designations

Please visit the following link to view the Draft Official Plan Amendment - Draft Official Plan Amendment (pdf)


  • Resubmission Received and Under Review
  •  Summary of Comments provided to Applicant. Resubmission required.


Material Submitted in Support of the Application

2nd Submission – November, 2019

1st Submission – September, 2017

For studies that are not available on line, the public may view (by appointment) the documents at Town Hall, in the Development Approvals and Planning Policy Department.


For further information please contact Leilani Lee-Yates, Senior Development Planner, 905-584-2272 x. 4228.


View the Town's current Official Plan and Zoning By-law 2006-50, as amended.