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Pool, Spa and/or Hot Tub Water Drainage

Did you know that draining swimming pool, spa, and/or hot tub water into the storm drain is prohibited in the Town of Caledon? Storm sewers lead directly to our local waterways, and the additives and chemicals used in the water can be harmful to the natural environment, as well as our drinking water!

There are high levels of chlorine, bromine, algaecides, salt and other products in swimming pool and spa water that are used to keep the water clean, however, problems can occur when these chemicals are discharged into storm drains during regular or seasonal maintenance.

Important to Note

When discharging your pool, spa and/or hot tub, keep in mind:

  • Drain the water away from storm sewers and/or the roadway
  • Water should only be drained on your property and within your property line boundaries
  • Do NOT drain water where it may flow towards or into a ravine, stream, well or septic system
    • Water should be discharged at least 5 meters from a septic system, at least 15 meters from a drilled well (having a watertight casing to a depth of at least 6m) or at least 30 meters from all other wells
  • Water should be discharged in a manner that prevents nuisances and/or flooding (ex. still/standing water)
  • Keep water away from flowing down a slope or into a valley

Drainage Options

Water from pools, spas and/or hot tubs can contain potentially harmful chemicals and must be disposed of correctly. One of three options can be employed to correctly dispose of the backwash water:

  • If your property is NOT serviced by a private or communal septic system, dispose of the backwash water through a building sanitary drain located on your property.
  • Dispose the backwash water over your own property to allow absorption into the ground.
  • Haul away backwash water by a Ministry of the Environment approved Disposal Company.

Guidelines for three drainage options have been set to ensure pools are properly and safely drained. These guidelines also ensure that residents comply with the Fence By-Law 2017-68, Section 5.7., which details how water from a swimming pool, spa and/or hot tub should be discharged. 

Full Guidelines



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