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Development Charges

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Development Charges are imposed to collect funds for capital works or services resulting from new growth and are applicable to all lands within the Town of Caledon.  


On May 28, 2019 Council adopted By-law 2019-031 - 2019 Development Charges. To view the current Town of Caledon Development Charges By-law, please visit

For information about the Area-Specific Development Charge By-law for the Coleraine Drive Storm Sewer, see below.

Region of Peel

School Boards

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For a break down of Development Charges, please see the attachments below.

Residential (per dwelling unit)

Single/Semi/Duplex Dwelling

Apartment (> 70 m2)

Apartment/Small Unit (<= 70 m2)

Other Residential Dwellings

Non-Residential (per square metre)

Non-Residential - Industrial

Non-Residential - Other

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Annual Reporting

Pursuant to Subsection 43 of the Development Charges Act, 1997 (DCA), the Treasurer for the Town of Caledon shall present a financial statement to Town Council regarding development charges reserve funds.

The Treasurer's statement must include, for the preceding year,

(a) statements of the opening and closing balances of the reserve funds and of the transactions relating to the funds;

(b) statements identifying,

  • (i) all assets whose capital costs were funded under a development charge by-law during the year,
  • (ii) for each asset mentioned in subclause (i), the manner in which any capital cost not funded under the by-law was or will be funded;

(c) a statement as to compliance with subsection 59.1 (1)

The report provides Council with information on the Town of Caledon's Development Charge Reserve Funds and related transactions. 

  • Memo, "Annual Treasurer's Statement on Development Charge Reserve Funds as of December 31, 2018." View the memo (pdf).
  • Staff Report 2017-33, "Annual Treasurer's Statement on Development Charge Reserve Funds as at December 31, 2016," is published as part of the General Committee Agenda of March 21, 2017. View the report (pdf)
  • Staff Report 2016-44, "Development Charges Reserve Fund Balances as of December 31, 2015." View the report (pdf) .
  • Memo, "Annual Treasurer's Statement on Development Charge Reserve Funds as of December 31, 2017." View the memo (pdf).

If you require an accessible version of these documents, please contact us by phone at (905) 584-2272 x. 4153 or send us an email.

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Development charges are imposed to collect funds for capital works or services resulting from new growth.  Development charges are applicable to all lands within the Town of CaledonServices for which development charges are currently imposed: 

  • Administrative: Growth Studies, Animal Shelter and POA Courts
  • Library: Land, buildings and equipment, Materials
  • Parks & Recreation: Arenas, indoor pool, Fitness facilities, Community centres,  Park Development, Development of Town-wide trail
  • Public Works/Engineering:  Growth Studies,  Sidewalks and street lights,  Local road improvements, Bridge infrastructure costs
  • Fire & Emergency Services:  Fire station,  Fire pumpers, aerial & rescue vehicles,  Small equipment & gear, and Vehicles

Development charges pertaining to lands located within the Town of Caledon are collected for four separate government bodies:  Town of Caledon, Region of Peel (includes Go Transit), and Boards of Education (Peel District School Board, Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board).  All development charges must be paid at the Town Hall.

Development charges are a one-time charge.  Therefore, any previous payments will be taken into account.  Top-ups may be required to bring the total payable up to the current development charge rate.

All development charges must be paid prior to the issuance of a building permit.  Payment will be at the rate in effect at the date the building permit is issued.  Development charges are normally indexed every six months (Feb. 1st and Aug. 1st) based on Statistics Canada Indexing.

One cheque may be submitted for all development charges, made payable to the TOWN OF CALEDON.  The Town will forward the monies slated for the Region of Peel and the Boards of Education.

New development that replaces previously existing development may be entitled to a credit against development charges otherwise payable in the form of a re-development allowance.  Allowances are given in accordance with Town of Caledon By-law 2019-031 in recognition of the value of services provided.  Proof of demolition is required before a credit can be allowed (e.g. demolition permit, fire report)

Reductions to the Region of Peel development charge rates may apply, based on regional services available to the property. For information regarding rate reductions contact the Region of Peel at (905) 791-7800 x.8612.

Industrial expansions may be entitled to a development charge reduction, as per Town of Caledon By-law 2019-031. 

The following background studies have been completed:

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Area-Specific Development Charge By-law for Coleraine Drive Storm Sewer 

The Town has an Area-Specific Development Charge By-law related to Coleraine Drive Storm Sewer that expires on July 12, 2021.

The by-law relates to the provision of storm sewer service for lands on the easterly side of Coleraine Drive between Coleraine and Simpson Road.

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For inquiries regarding development charges, contact the Finance Division by phone at (905) 584-2272 x. 4153 or by email.

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